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Wait for the quasar. We're not far away from a point where people start seeing the market effects of 60% of the total circulating supply is locked up via staking.

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>Moved up to rank #53 on CMC
>#1 24Hr % Gain
>#1 7D % Gain

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holy fuck

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Just woke up, holy fuck we're POOMPING

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I'm super comfy with my main holds, but recently I decided to reallocate some stuff.
New Positions:
Performance lately is great, cap/vol looks great, chart looks great and the team is crazy active, I got in around 4-5m so I'm looking great on this one
Brad's video from today will be hitting the plebs soon, 1.2m cap currently, beautiful growth/chart so far. This is absolutely the ground level so I'm hoping we see 10m EOM (10x)
Joe LubeBalls' new baby, recently acquired by Consensus. This is an auto-pump. Chart also looks fantastic.
Threw $2k USD in for literal memes. Don't care if it goes to zero due to the sheer amount of ridiculousness surrounding the coin right now. So far I'm up 50% on this

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