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point of the image was the date and to illustrate >>28794921

maybe look up that date on a chart

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Do you or any german anons know how this 0 tax on 1yr+ investment is even applied if you're not a German citizen? What happens if I just have an N26 or any other direktbank account and cash out there as a non-german, would the 0 tax shit still apply?

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Guy on the right isn't hideous, he has a pretty normal looking face, pic is more to highlight the fact that you can have the body of a twig if you got the right face and hairline. I experienced this myself cause I was very skinny in my teens but I had pretty-boy chadlike looks with a head full of hair that I also used to style a lot. Wasn't swimming in pussy but there were a lot of 15-16 yods that would completely droll over my type. Started losing it slowly at around 19-20 and now it's almost completely gone and as far as Tinder thots go I might as well just be a 1/10 5'5 bald pajeet janitor cause I get just as much attention as they do on tinder, zero. I'm not at the level where I can't find a GF or even have them run away from me but I also refuse to settle with anything less than a looksmatch. So here I am, 4 years and going with no pussy, kek. Face is everything.

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Also checked.

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If Sergey is a philosophy graduate, what have been his contributions to philosophy?

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$1000 EOY! $1000 EOY! CHECK EM

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Tonight's the night.

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Right, and you're going to use this board to do what exactly? Buy other VCs bags? Feel free to try find high-upside investments at as early a stage as this, as if this board ever peddled anything better

Ad hominem attacks are useful if you're too lazy to actually consider what you're reading

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people who have ark dont have the balls or brains to buy link

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>sergey would have kicked ass
probably, he's undefeated for a reason:

>Beat Andrey Kryzhanovskiy in 2008
>Beat Mark Gomez in 2013
>Beat Terlan Magomedov in 2014
>Will beat the Oracle Problem in 2018

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Sergey is a part of the Q anon team.

Hes the one who said save Israel for last

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Can i get a link to buy? Give me a rundown on all these dolls and the first generation.... pwease

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He's one of us.
>"I'm going to make a meme about it, so that they don't forget"
>found BTC in 2011 because he was a gamer
Absolute bro

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Bump for technical discussions. These are the kind of threads we should be having more often.
Have you experimented with using payment APIs in your CL node?

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There legacy systems need a ridiculous overhaul. Sergey has talked about this:

At 43:00 he reckons that banks are going to be using their traditional standards for the next decade:
>You want to involve these participants with a lot of smart people and regulated capital to work on smart contracts
>The systems you have today, can talk to the systems you want to use tomorrow.
Really cool selling point for LINK in those two phrases.

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it's all about utilizing APIs, hardware and data-feeds, etc., of your choice. I don't have a deeper grasp beyond that, so best to request an invite to the chainlink slack, or hop on the gitter lobby, or thodges on youtube. There's tons of info out there. But the more you look into it, you can see why this is the future: data is 21st century oil. Reliable and secure data inputs are critical. Secure payment messages are obligatory. No centralized oracle service will be able to pull that off without being a massive target for attacks. Hence, why a decentralized oracle network is necessary, not just some gimmicky fad.

It depends; more people need to be exposed to it, so it's a good foundation. What's for sure, is that his SXSW talk will not be. He will be talking along side big players, associated with Docusign: automating legal agreements. Check it out

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yes please.
Thanks mate, and really nice job on >>7712530
Also aiming for 20k and will still DCA and dump profits from swing trades here. Godspeed marines

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it's all about the initial sub-market LINK goes after. It needs to establish itself where it beats existing solution by a factor of 5-10x in cost/time savings. The most talked about one is the derivative trades between no more than two parties, entirely data-driven. Establish itself in that market, to build a robust network effect, before expanding to adjacent markets like insurance, and eventually trade finance.

Here's another one I saw today:

pages 17-18

Other thoughts gathered from the Origami team:
>Depending on the demand, they could use ChainLink between the carriers API, and payment API, to automatically pay/refund users based on delivery or failure-to-deliver

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fucking kek, not again. The previous thread just derailed into memes.

typical fudpasta I'm talking about. It's been recycled. It is not bounded by ETH, it's not even bounded by crypto. It's literally bounded by the market for automated agreements and decentralized oracle networks, which is actually difficult to quantify. That being said, I'm talking about counter arguments that this can't reach $20-40 this year, and perhaps $50-100 next year. $1,000 is a meme, but who the hell knows what will happen, the sky is the limit.

It's a question of, as a startup, can smartcontract.com and ChainLink secure itself a large share of very specific market, so it's network effect can grow and strengthen. Once it does that, it has a shot at gaining a monopoly on decentralized oracle networks, secure data feeds, outputs etc.

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kek, as a LINK bagholder since 30c, the cultish behavior makes me laugh nervously. I like the idea, and it's a speculative bet, and there's enough resources on the slack and gitter to dig up info. But on /biz/, jesus the rate of memes and shilling/FUD is becoming insane. I wouldn't be surprised if it goes viral to the outside world soon

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If your main reason for not investing in LINK at any point is because of the lack of communication from the team, you're putting yourself at risk of being utterly BTFO at some point in the future:


>In my humble opinion the most common ethical dilemma that founders seem to face on a daily basis is omission. Since omission does not constitute positive responsibility (in most cases) it is commonly seen by our society as acceptable in cases where the other party hasn't made an explicit request for information.

>Founders face this problem on a daily basis; where they need to "sell" employees, investors and customers on aspects of their business that they want to highlight, while relying on the other party for an explicit request for other possibly relevant information.

With a few searches, and a couple of hours of interviews, Sergey has basically released enough information for you to make an educated speculative bet on LINK, without resorting to TRX levels of hyping. Why are you not making an asymmetrical bet on this, and throwing 1-5% of your portfolio in here?

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