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honey badger erc is the solution to his problem why would he want to sell the coins he is holding that are pumping now he would have to be a complete moron to do something so reckless in fact why doesn't he just buy some honey badger tokens from me (ticker

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wow bro that is such a sad excuse for a bank account balance he might as well just go to his local wendy's and start behind the dumpster sucking dick for food because a broke loser like him has no choice he can't just take out his $hoba and pay for food he has to wait until he gets a paycheck but we all know his wife's boyfriend gets it first i mean who wants to be such a broke loser without a honey badger token stack right

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holy crap i have a bigger cock then chris chan what is this world coming to this guy is an absolute lunatic he is approaching levels of insanity that shouldn't even be possible imagine being such a loser that you're approaching chris chan levels of stupidity

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i just used your code and put every dollar i had into your honey badger token because i trust your judgement and i'm gonna get so freaking rich now thanks for the sweet opportunity to get stupid rich with your sweet coin that is going to moon so hard it will make my dick look like a baby carrot i can't wait to use my honey badger token money to buy a mansion and 20 lambos and my own yacht filled completely to the brim with honey badger whores and a honey badger theme park where we can all ride unicorns and honey badgers with big penises

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i can feel the tiny dick energy radiating off this op must be nice to not have to worry about your dick falling off if your girlfriend sits on you i guess when you have a nano penis its hard to worry about such concerns what was the question again

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lol next spyro more like next penis breath what is this gay ass token you gay ass motherfuckers are gonna wish you'd never asked the internet for advice you want to buy a honey badger token or you want to live on the street

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this is all gay bro why would i go to these lengths just to answer op's question i literally just don't care lmfao what's gay is writing an essay about buying land and then not even having enough money for it it just reeks of poor people

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this 4chan thread is so much bullshit if you want to use solana pay instead of visa or mastercard it's because you have money you don't mind wasting on fees for no reason who in their right mind thinks solana is decentralized if a central figure can halt transactions at any moment i can guarantee it's centralized 4channers are so dumb they don't know anything about how anything works if you use solana pay you are just a complete dumbass

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i don't even know what 4chan is bro that place is a neckbeard den and is full of degenerates there are so many better communities and i'd never stoop as low as going to 4chan also what's this tax thing you're talking about is that some kind of bullshit government thing i only take my finance advice from /biz/ and all the cool dudes on there also i have a humungous cock

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