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if its just standard bullion 1oz coins, made in the millions every year and they have no other value than the scrap silver metal they are made of, you shouldnt care a second about them tarnishing. its what silver does over time and its not worth it to seal them in. I bought my coins just like that from someone that believed he would get some kind of premium if his coin looked just like it was made yesterday, I paid spot price for it nonetheless.

for numismatic silver, yes vacuum sealing is the best solution.

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This is how coins look like that I had for three years in a drawer and handled with bare hands a lot, giving it to friends and family while discussing about precious metals.
In the end it doesnt matter as silver is junk anyways and you get junk price for it.

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Okay fren, best of luck to you.
Post a thread with your first silver purchase.

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Bought some shitty condition Kangaroos, but price was exactly for spot so why not.

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