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>Realizing your losses
>Worried about a tiny blip in the stock market and not seeing the bigger picture


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Relax, it'll pump back to $10k by the end of this month.

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That was very cash money OP

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Versus the ppl who keep their entire tax return in their wallets. Nice try bucko.
Paid 30$ to buy 300. So I’ll have to buy in one a month to save that transfer fee money. I bought btc locally and paid tax which feels good.

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>just bet on red and black at the same time, can't lose bro

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>Long XRP thinkin it will be above .50 usd ever again

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Did you stop believing, /biz/?

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Why do people pretend that they know what’s going to happen next in crypto?

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I really think link is going to be ~$320 at ATH

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Most people here unironically still don't get it, they think Bitcoin is just another tech fad. How naive they are. This is the first time in human history that we have a powerful tool such as this, it will completely change everything we know about politics, philosophy, religion etc In the future everything will be bitcoinized. Want to eat food? Just hop in the blockchain dispensery and request some food. Want to get married? Just draft a smart marriage contract in few seconds. Nobody will even have to work, the entire economy will be run by advanced ledger AI, everyone will have all the free time to do whatever they want.

This is why the elites are so terrified of Bitcoin, for the first time the global hierarchy of power is threatened. I don't even care about money at this point, this is a battle about our civilization, this is our only shot at breaking the shackles

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>1 minute chart

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So because of some family connections I'm able to gain Spain citizenship, it will cost me around $5000 for legal fees which is half my net worth as a college student.

I live a comfy life as a South American but I figured the right to live and work in Europe for that cheap is an opportunity I should take advantage of considering other people pay 1 million to get EU citizenship through investment programs.


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>Whats your excuse Bobo?

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>he actually listens to /biz/

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Asuka sends her regards bobo

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I hope you bought the dip /biz/. The bounce is imminent.

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Wrong. Charts never lie

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It's October, don't forget to double your money, Anon

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We link marines will gladly leave this thread because after the gains we get from our linkies, we will have “made it” you faggot. We will never have to invest in anything to preserve our wealth if we dont want to. Check em.

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