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GRT posters. Literally got in only a month ago and already up 159% with seemingly more gains to come. It's comfy.

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I think you might be right.

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Why did Koss grow from $3 to $10 between the 22nd and 26th and then from 26th $10 to closing 27th with $60? Their earnings release was on the 28th, was WSB memeing Koss in this period?
It might be an interesting position long term considering their earnings release, but I think once the dust clears from all this current meme shit I think it'll go down below $20. IMHO.

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>forcibly sells stock without permission
After reading more about this shit earlier today it seems like what happened was this:
>when amerisharts make an account on RH it automatically lets you go on margin for $1K or whatever the amount is unless you manually decline/turn it off
>people bought shares using margin moneys
>RH was in their full right to close positions because of this
Maybe I've misunderstood this, but it sounds completely reasonable. RH got margin called so all the people who were spending on margin got their shit sold.
Anyone to confirm?

Additionally: I've seen people say they had stonks sold without them having set a stop/limit. Has this happened to ANYONE who was in on cash only, not on margin?

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Up 45k this week buying biz coins. Gonna throw 5 ETH into a few DeFi projects and buy a house this week.

Shill me your Uniswap gems.

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you know what's funny about you self-important work advocates?
it's you and your mentality that has allowed the bankers to completely rob of us of all of the freedoms that we had
>if you don't work your parasite blah blah blah
who's a bigger parasite?
me or the guys who make 40 million per year to cut costs and maintain income flows meanwhile the average worker hasn't seen a raise in 30 years and even if he did it would probably push him up into a higher tax bracket because our system is a system of world wide slavery?

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