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I have to make my morning coffee to fold clothes with my gf, but please stop by and ask more questions to decide if you'd like to start SURFing or not. I've made good money off of this and want to pay that forward.

Someone buys SURF tokens before, during, and after the whirlpool launch because the devs will have already posted the source code to the projects launching on top of the whirlpool, if you're so afraid of getting scammed because you can't read .sol files then wait until the source code for the other projects are dropped and then you can FOMO in at $20. By all means stay away if you don't think audited and open source contracts are trustworthy.

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unfortunately, if you are burger-kin, you will have to stay up late, laddie.

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You are doing it right if you have less than 20K in crypto, like myself

I don't recognize any of these, I base my research allocation off of non shill /biz sticking power, DYOR before FOMOing into stuff

Look for high IQ individuals who have founded projects featuring investment vehicles with logo's based off of the platonic solids. (ETH/LINK/PNK)

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salty impatient boogie board

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Now that PNK is pumping maybe a few more people will listen to me:




Kleros is a blockchain application which creates consensus of honest individual's deductive reasoning by allowing them to act as jurors in a shelling point powered arbitration system. Honesty is enforced via a crypto-economic staking model where jurors stake PNK in order to be draw at random from a pool, with jurors self-segregating into self assigned specialty roles; in addition to this functionality, the token also serves to protect the project from 51% attacks and avoids giving disproportionate weight to the holders of a pre-existing token ("why not use eth?"). The most commonly quoted "big ticket" use case is for kleros to act as "The Standard" arbitration method for e-commerce done on the blockchain. The first token sale, outside of the seed funding sale, happening in January of 2020 so the project is relatively new.

Marines will spam any thread they perceive as a threat to the LINK-dominated culture around here so I'll say in writing I also own and believe in the vision of Chainlink.

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