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opinion discarded, nigger
just kidding but even if Microsoft is trying to make their own oracle solution, there's no guarantee that their product would be superior to chainlink. The only innate advantage would be their reputation, which wouldn't necessarily mean much, particularly in a decentralized, trustless, open source market. Another consideration is why would Serg let them use TC after acquiring it in a clearly strategic move? He would be giving one of his best cards his opponent- the only way I see this happening is if LINK is dead in the water and Sergey is essentially selling off assets to line his wallet, which I don't think is the case.

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i think it would be possible to maintain a "frictionless" state at work without eroding your character, as long as work isn't the biggest part of your identity. If you're doing stuff like watching popular tv shows and listening to popular music to fit in with your coworkers discussions, or pretending to have normie opinions, that would certainly be questionable. But simply leaving your "unacceptable at work" opinions at home and spending 8 hours avoiding any non-work oriented discussions or lifestyle opinions seems just fine to me.
By the way, who exactly is forcing you to be an NPC? What would happen if you gave your real opinion and then said that you don't want to discuss it further with coworkers? Who will stop you? Who will force you to partake in the normie bullshit? You're probably psyching yourself out. I say that with the assumption that you won't go full 1488 at work or say "hateful" things.

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i'm a senior getting a finance and econ double major from an average college and i have a shitty gpa (2.8). what do? I just want to get a halfway decent job that uses my business degree so i can build up from there. I'm not dumb but i suck at school.

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>all these offended city boys
fucking lol. truly pathetic.

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