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>He thinks we're not already in the bearmarket

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Every time I see this piece of shit smug bear I want to curb stomp him history x style. Fuck you bobo and your fud, I'm down 50% since last week but I will never sell my coins

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They're like named NPCs, more important and interactive than generic NPCs, might even be involved in quests and storylines. But they aren't real player characters.

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I want it to crash really bad so that’s how I know it won’t. Even knowing this I’m scared to buy because it actually will crash once I give in to the FOMO. I’ve done nothing but look at biz for the last two years and I’m only up $1000 from my $7000 initial. I once had 1.5 btc and 7000 link. Now I have no btc and only 575 link because every time I make a move I get fucked. I have $40000 in the bank that I really don’t want to lose but I feel like an idiot for just letting it sit there in the bank doing nothing. I want to kms

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