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>Dude, just wait another 4 years!

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Yes, sold at 54k and now I'm only up 15% of my btc holdings

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Please stop selling.

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>the price went down everywhere else but actually went up on fUni
the fUsd jewery is unprecedented

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>sold yesterday

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Same. My body is falling apart. I can't even enjoy lifting. I am beyond exhausted with everything

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>made 500$ with GRT
>feel empty because I could've made more
how do I shake this feeling bros?

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>this many posts not recognizing ancient pasta
it's over...reddit has completely cannibalized the board

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Sadly, the big winners out of this whole event will be socialists. Nearly all of the people getting dumped on right now are middle to working class people who are already having a tough time due to covid. This is going to repel people away from the stock market, furthing increasing wealth inequality, and luring people into the arms of idiot marxists like AOC.

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i swear i would im a gematria fag and figured out the link between diet shasta and marketfag i swear im schizo enought for this if i don't understand i swear i won't bitch anymore.

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Guys did i miss my chance? I applied for a webull account a little before 4 but they're not gonna clear me till mid day tomorrow at the earliest is my guess. The squeeze is gonna happen tomorrow to all the meme bets and I'm blocked out from robbinghood

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what's coming? i'm holding 300k and starting to lose hope, it crabs endlessly

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Tfw all in link and bsv

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>they told me it was the standard

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anon... i'm looking for a price entry

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>when the interviewer calls in an employee who is working in area you are interviewing for
and they both start laughing at your written response to a timed technical question

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missed the .41 moon due to class, expected a second moon so I held my hand when it climbed back to .37 and .35

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Pretending to be nice to people is eating away at my soul. I hate everyone.

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You may only post in this thread if your portfolio is -7% or more this week.

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Guess I'm not following stocks for a while. See you guys in two weeks.

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Down another 10% today

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Every time I don't listen to /smg/ the stock moons.

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i wanted to throw in 1000 link and would have gotten 0.56 yfi for it but i pussied out, now i can only get 0.33 yfi for 1k link, FML should I fomo in, i keep waiting for a dip and it just keeps going up

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