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is it a scam? yes, so is literally anything on coinmarketcap, chainlink included, and perhaps even ethereum and bitcoin when you broaden your perspective.

is it a good looking scam? well, there absolute no reason why a random chink team, FANTOM, that were behind constellation in building a DAG, should have a market cap 4x the size of constellation. Constellation WILL catch up. And it's going to happen about now.

Who do you want to be? The investors that buys AFTER a Binance listing and makes other people rich? Or an investor that buys BEFORE a binance listing and make yourself rich?

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> He disagrees with me
> He must be American like me because muh Murica is the only country in the world
> He must be a Trump supporter
> Pic related is you
I'm not American. I live in one of the most liberal countries in the world. Idiots like you are just making your president more popular.

Tell me, what makes you think you can time the markets? You clearly don't have a background in finance. Reading brainlet articles on wsj doesn't make you qualified to evaluate whether asset prices are too high or not.

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ITT: insecure goblinos

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