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Bro i have 60k and i honestly believe thats near or close to a make it stack end of next year. Once it starts popping (with eth, btc link yadda yadda) inevitably pumping to moon, it will cause volume in our pools to sell this coin, and then when the coin pumps, alot of bag holders (i feel) will start pooling.

That's just how i see it anyway.

So to answer your initial question.

Yes sirs.

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But what if no one uses it?
Then it fails. However, here are some possible reasons to support why it will be used include: First-mover advantage (FMA) and simply put, people are already using it. If BAL and subsequently Phoenix go on coinbase then it will not be long until STA is cemented as the industry standard. However, this is the key. If we do not utilize this tool then it will fail. This does not mean we need more people buying it. But more people using it and allowing it to be integrated into their pools, funds, contracts, etc. If more projects integrate it then new buyers are not necessary and therefore new holders of STA are not needed to generate income using STATERA as a community balancing tool.

Why is the price so low if this project is so promising?
This project was greatly anticipated, and it is still very young (4 months old) and it was very bullish since its inception. However, BALANCER labs was hacked utilizing the STATERA deflationary mechanism which has since been fixed utilizing the Delta token. Even more impressive is that STATERA and then BAL refunded the tokens lost during the hack which given the steep increase in price of the tokens we far more money than the initial investors lost. Crypto YT personalities such as Bitboy crypto, Chico Crypto and Ivan on Tech have all promoted STATERA with Ivan and Bitboy promoting STA and the applauding the refunds separately.

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fuck off with the reverse fud
I can't see the future anon. This is not for shilling you onto STA. It is for people who already bought STA to circle-jerk about how awesome we are :)

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Yea we have to get this right but Also the memes have to be funny. Shit think about it that’s why the Tanos memes where great we just have to add something to else something is missing...

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In a galaxy far far away

Jonathan was bogged from TG for going against the republic

Balancer and Sta republic refunds have just taken place.

Janoy Cresva must now pray to kek for sminem to appear.

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How high is the weekend pump gonna take us lads? I'm thinking 0.35-4

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