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the lord = yahweh, the jewgod

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Friendly reminder that God (ᚷᛟᛞ) is the stolen name of Godan (ᚷᛟᛞᚨᚾ), one of Odin's names: https://archive.is/E8xG6

The name God (ᚷᛟᛞ), as most people use it, came from the jewish theft of the Lombardic name of Odin, Godan (ᚷᛟᛞᚨᚾ), by the earliest missionaries of Christianity (who were all unmixed jews), in order to aid in their eradication of our Native religion by tricking the Native European people into signing over our souls to the jew-god Yahweh (יהוה). Nobody in southern Europe wanted anything to do with a foreign deity with a foreign-sounding name, but the name Godan/God they already knew, as it was Wodan; Odin. Thus early Christian converts were told to use Godan's name ᚷᛟᛞ (God), so the jews could more easily replace our Native European religion with the new judaic sect worshiping Yahweh (יהוה).

To call Yahweh by the name God is the height of blasphemy. God is not Yahweh and Yahweh is not God. Yahweh's name (יהוה) isn't God (ᚷᛟᛞ). Godan is the only god whose name is God (ᚷᛟᛞ). Yahweh and Godan are two very different gods from two different continents and different races. The Mid Eastern Yahweh (יהוה) is not a god of European origin, unlike Godan (ᚷᛟᛞᚨᚾ) who is. Neither is Godan the god of the Bible - the jewish god Yahweh is. Yahweh was invented by the jews as a deification of jewry to unite the jewish race and aid in their war against the non-jews, by making non-jews subservient by replacing their Native gods and Native beliefs with the god and beliefs of jewry.

Godan/Goden itself came from Wodan/Woden (still today Oden in Swedish), which is Odin. In proto-Germanic it's Wodanaz. In modern German it's Wotan. "D" and "T" are very close in many European languages and the "d" in "Odin" is the Nordic letter ð (as in Óðinn) which is a mix of "D" and "T". For D=T see also: https://archive.is/nck73 -- which is why it's Wotan in German, and hence why it's Gott instead of God (so Gott Mit Uns = Odin With Us).

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Let me guess, you want us to sell our crypto and "invest" in Rabbi Yeshua the son of Yahweh right?

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Yahweh is a fake and gay deity invented by the jews.

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It does not.

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> What did Rabbi Jesus and the Hebrews look like?

> Short documentary about the spread of the Jews before and during the Viking age:

> 16 Facts about Christianity

> The Spread of Christianity from Year 314 to 580

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Looks like (((they))) sent out the damage control

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Gann's other book "The Magic Word" is all about glorifying the jewish god Yahweh and claims that the name Yahweh/Jehovah is divine and magical. His "Tunnel" book, the one OP is shilling, is full of (((Bible))) quotes and glorifies Israel, mentions Israel 25 times. Not surprising at all, coming from a Freemason.

>shilly-looking post, 1pbtid, probably is OP phoneposting
>shilly-looking post, 1pbtid, probably is OP phoneposting
>shilly-looking post, 1pbtid, probably is OP phoneposting

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Kill yourself, jew.

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jesus was a cannibal cult leader nothing like what you have been told. the kingdom, father, son, mother, etc is a jewish anthropomorphization / metaphor. a cringe and retarded take on as above so below. also the catholic church worships snakes. its time to wake up champ

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Yahweh (may the name be erased and forgotten) is a fake and gay deity. For jews it's a sacred and time-honored act to fuck one's own mother, as their volcano god Yahweh fucked his own mother, Asherah - pictured in the back here. This is why "motherfucker" is often used as a compliment in jewish Hollywood productions. And when the jew Freud named the Oedipus complex after the Hebrew/Theban/Phoenician Oedipus, he was only acknowledging this ancient fact.

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Satan in your screenshot of a part of that jewish book clearly refers to the non-jews. If it wasn't referring to non-jews then the rest of that text doesn't make sense. The jews during christianization always labeled people who refused the mind poison as devil worshipers and satanic etc. Also the text there says Satan is opposed to Yahweh ("Satan blinded people into not seeing the glory of Rabbi Yeshua who is the image of Yahweh"). So your statement about Satan being Yahweh makes no sense, as the very pic you posted says Satan opposes Yahweh. The only Satan-Yahweh connection is through Saturn, that's where that originates, as the fabricated jewish Yahweh deity has its origins in Saturn - as the screenshot here documents: >>50032429

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If you're a true servant of the jews then you'll refuse to have sex (because lust is sinful and of the devil) and cut off your balls, like many of the early christian monks and missionaries did to themselves - and as they did to young Native European boys they snatched from their parents homes when they where brought to the monasteries for brainwashing.

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The jewgod Yahweh is an invention by the jews (originally based on Saturn from the time of the Saturnian Polar Configuration), it's a fabricated deity. It was invented purely for geopolitical reasons and for conquest, to unite the jewish race against all other races and destroy all other races' native gods, hence their native cultures and beliefs, opening the way for judaizing the culture and people, replacing the native culture and people's native values with a judaized culture, judaized law, and judaized values.

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I ... anon ... you didn't know?

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