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what this has to do with chainlink tho

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this the same kinda of faggot that you'll see net week shilling some new tool that you can leverage on inflations just by looking truflation data, and placing your orders

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Someone posted a scat post and its making it really hard to browse this board right now. Can you guys chill, it's just a short term dip.

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is OIL and commodities the new meta

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>/biz/ still doesn't believe that web3 games like blocklords can actually make you a really good bag
i guess biztards are brokies for being that of retard

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with a market cap of ~$600M, doing a 20x should be easy af, your just brainless and dont know how to play the game

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I just cummed inside a cunny

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yeah it is better to just fucking live in the forest i am right guys??? fuck industrialism right guys?? wait let me tweet that in my phone while being connect to a 5G antenna

show us the receipts faggot, you probably spend your money on OF underage girls

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What's stupid would be selling. I can buy anything I want with BTC itself apart from local real estate. I have a once in a familial generation chance to become a billionaire off of internet funny money. I'm taking it, and you will continue to seethe.

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If I were here in 2017 I wouldve already made it or killed myself

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Are you really *still* working a job in 2024, anon?

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LINK is falling behind again bros, this is going to be a repeat 2020/2021 isn't it

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LINK is falling behind

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Yeah well explain why my MIC stacks are sucking shit huh?

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Can you guys please stop posting that video of Nick Avocado getting fucked? It makes it really hard to browse the catalog.

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LINKies were right

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2024 defi summer or whatever kind of pump that will occur in alts before the real crypto bullrun is only half a year away

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Manager asked me how I felt about leading the current project we are working on and I said I hate it, implying I don't want to lead anymore. She tried to encourage me during the convo and said this is the path to promotion. I then told her that I'm not interested in promotion because no one has been promoted on the team in recent times, so why even try.

She said we should chat about it to see how it is I can grow in other ways.

Did I blow it bros? I'm a techie btw. No NEET opinions.

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I did this through a twitter tip bot when bitcoin was sub $1000. They never redeemed it because the media said bitcoin was sketchy. The service shut down years later so the coins are gone.

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It'd wild to me that you guys haven't actually caught on to what Layer 1 coin is going to be the actual ETH killer. Never once a single post about this coin on this board.

This coin came out in May of 2021 and has never experienced a bull run yet. Right now it currently holds the largest enterprise deployment in crypto history of 25 million NFTs minted by a massive corporation.

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I had a "real job" for all of a year before corona hit and turned my life upside down. Apparently there was a distinct shortage of NEETs and they were in high demand, so I became one.

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The what?

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Reminder that gold/silver mining stocks always EXPONENTIALLY outperform the base metals during boom cycles.

I truly don't understand you people. Do you unironically think there is going to be a societal collapse so severe that the government will shut down the stock market and confiscate your shares? Do you just like holding shiny metals? Is that it?

I want to RETIRE, not just have some extra spending money.
Enjoy your 3x gains while I enjoy my 30x I guess.

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What if we're the hedgies this time and they're about to get their revenge?

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