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>marrying a woman who wages

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can someone explain me why is link up in price?

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why is the catalog hiding my post.

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>Koop een boot werk je dood
>zippity zip bop woop glup
what a disgusting language

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>that's 95% of my portfolio

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>n-n-nothing ever happens
>yeah crypto is tied to the stock market and the fed, but that doesn't matter
holy cope

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>Just because the crash happened, and you thought it would, doesn’t mean you “saw it coming”

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>Mfw most posters itt think a nuclear war will look like a Michael Bay movie
Hundreds of nukes have already detonated in the atmosphere, not counting the other hundreds underground, and nothing happened. Nuclear winter is a scare tactic propaganda story used to manipulate the masses during cold war. If a full scale nuclear exchange happens, the climate would maybe get slightly fucked up for one or two years but not more.

Also look at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They were destroyed by 1st gen bombs, which were very "dirty" and were creating much more radioactive fallout than modern bombs (which are more efficient, which means less radioactive in general), and ten years after, the cities were completely rebuilt and people were living there without too much issues, except of course cancers.

Of course most large cities will get obliterated since they're counter value targets but erasing New York or San Francisco from the map sounds like a good deal anyway, just don't be an urbanite.

If you're not in the fireball area (generally a few kilometers wide around the epicenter), a good concrete basement and several months worth of food and water will probably be enough to save you, as long as you happen to be there when the bombs drop, and that's the real tricky part. Just don't be outside when WW3 starts.

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>Gets the basic logic of cold reading and riddle LARPing explained to him

Go away baba

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me too

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And I could have just logged and when I was awake and got a better entry point

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godspeed anon

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>money will flow out of equities for an 30 year 2% yield

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Sigh. Unstable idiot, your shitcoin is not going to take off. This is another of those “big announcement this week” project that never do anything but rug anyone stupid enough to buy in. Shill somewhere else. No white paper, no current website, single anonymous developer. Oh yeah, this is going places...

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>Good day sir, I'd like to submit my application to become a bitcoin validator!!! Wow, much crypto. Many currency.

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>Stay strong Swingchad. Stay strong...
>I tried to swing my Chainlink bag at $7 then it went to $20.
>I tried to swing my UNI at $8 then it went to $20.
>Never lose hope

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> Choosing to hold the stock for a meme instead of caching out and making bank now that the goal of making Melvin bleed has been achieved

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>some regulars here bought GME over 200

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>1k this week bros its just like lord of the rings

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