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>be at a new workplace for five months
>already gotten multiple friends, established a big friend group, have fun exploring the big city with them, new employees are staying at the workplace because of the inclusive friend group
>could just pick a girl to gf if i wanted to

Just remember that you are the problem. Don’t blame others, you are entitled.

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>try to call gf
>dont have her number
>send her a snap
>she never opens it
>havent talked to gf in 8 years

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bitcoin WILL hit $999,999 in the next 24 hours

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I can go an entire year where I make successful trade after successful trade and make hundreds of thousands of dollars, but then lose it all in 1 bad trade

Am I close to being a top trade, or am I just another midwit?

I hear majority of people don’t even even win a trade, but I can win 20 in a row, so I guess there’s gotta be something there… it’s just that I take like 300k profits I make from 20+ trades, and then go all in with it and lose it all. Is the midwit trader actually getting those kinds of results?

I guess I need some kind of mentor to help me be more risk averse when I’ve got profits

Problem is i don’t have much I live for so I’m all about either making it big or having nothing, like I don’t feel bad when I lose all my gains… i just go back to it like a video game and build back up as if I’m starting a new game of age of empires or something

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>10k nw
>ATH /fit/
feels good bros, take the /fit/ pill

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FYI: People are selling their USDC for Bitcoin right now.

And this is what I mean by if Tether failed, that Bitcoin would skyrocket in value.

If people cant withdraw their stable and they fear their stable is going to die, they will buy Bitcoin

Pic related is how aesthetic my intelligence is

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Don’t get demoralized anons. We are all gonna make it.

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Do you still work from home?

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Anyone on this board hiring?
I'm very adaptable.

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would he have been into crypto?

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