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You what m8?

The best gamble

>already mooned
Nope, it gained traction because of SAVA and they're targeting the same indications. Accumulation phase about to end with the study results. It's an easy 5-10x with positive study results, however a failed study will naturally at least halve the stock price.

Also, the company is very low float with only 7M shares. In addition to that, check out pic related. Their mkt cap is only ~170M and they have prepared an offering for 250M. Do you think that they will commence this offering with their current valuation, or are they expecting an increase in their mkt cap in the near future? Really makes you think doesnt it?

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Looking for a bioshit play? Drop your play money into ANVS and join us in either getting fucking rich or becoming bagholders.

Mkt cap 150M. Loaded a 250M offering ready in anticipation of their mkt cap suddenly increasing. Going to release interim readout of their Alzheimers drug study in Q1 (according to the CEO, it'll come in February). If their drug is better or equal to that of SAVA, you know what's gonna happen.

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I dont know about BLUE, but check this. The mkt cap of ANVS is 150 million. And they just loaded a 250 million offering that theyre ready to blast. You really think they would do such an offering at 2x their mkt cap? I dont think so. I think they see their mkt cap going higher in the near term and then they will fire the offering.

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250 million offering for a 150M mkt cap company. Something tells me this offering is gonna happen when the mkt cap is significantly higher...

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Isnt this quite bullish for ANVS? They've loaded up a huge offering before study results. Their mkt cap is around 150 million so they seem pretty confident the results will cause the stock to go fucking parabolic.

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