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Not at this rate no.

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Genuinely rustles my jimmies.

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One need only look at the economic miracle that occurred in Nazi Germany to know that it was the closest to a perfect society that we've ever had. Thousands of years of Jewish usury and economic slavery, and as soon as one country about the same size as Texas shakes off the Jews, it goes from the most severe depression in its history, to capable of effectively fighting a two front war with three empires. Yes they lost, but is it any surprise? Nazi Germany is responsible for almost all of the technology we use today, Helicopters, jet engines, rockets, and even advanced cryptography were all pioneered in Nazi Germany. Think about where we'd be now if they'd won, and could access all the resources in Africa that the Africans will never use. We'd be harvesting now unknown space minerals and colonizing mars.

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Might increase XLM stack too while it's down. BTC dropping more would be nice too. Moon going to be sweet.

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People like you are why Africa has a population explosion resulting in hundreds of millions of people incapable of feeding themselves.

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Or if we stopped trying to help Africans.

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