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We made it bros

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We can't make a public announcement so we're doing it here.

We are delighted to inform you that Rick, our CEO has made considerable progress in the right direction about this porn addiction.
As most of you already know, Rick has been suffering from schizophrenia even since he was born. Through regular psychotherapy sessions, the doctors managed to keep his mental illnesses under control. The only thing Rick had to do was to keep taking his medication.
But for some unknown reasons it stopped working about 4 months ago.
Rick was becoming increasingly desperate as he noticed how is mind and behavior was changing with each passing day. After realizing it could lead him to hurt people, he decided to spend most of his days in his room, alone with his computer, working 16 hours a day.
Not surprisingly, he worked way too much and after some time his mind and body couldn't handle it anymore. He needed to relax, and thus started watching a lot of online pornography.
Probably because of his schizophrenia, he turned into a porn addict and a sexual deviant really fast. Abusing pornography led him to develop weird and obscure fetishes such as extreme sadism and stygiophilia.
At one point he started to ignore our calls and send us death threats if we tried to stop him from jerking off. It was a very stressful time for team members, and some even quit, afraid of what Rick could do.
At his worst he even researched the occult to summon a Succubus, but we managed to stop him before he could get all the ingredients. It's been 2 weeks today since he started taking new meds developed by Pfizer, and regain his composure and former behavior.
Some symptoms of his pornography addiction still persist to this day, as he explained in the recent livestream, but he's now able to focus and start meeting customers again.

We would like to thank our amazing community for trusting us despite the various hardships we went through with a little surprise next week, stay tuned ;)

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No LTO AMA thread?

> Hi Rick, Now Signrequest is acquired by BOX which is huge for them. Will this also be huge for LTO ? Are there any certainties in this case ?
>This story hasn't ended with the acquisition by Box. Just the start.

>What is the goal for 2021 in terms of tx on the network?
>We are aiming to keep on the pase we are growing with the last year. So that's 25-30% MoM.

>Do you have any plans to integrate LTO with other blockchains?
>That’s definitely on the plate, we are working towards cross chain identities later in Q3. All most used fabrics will be integrated.

>Any scoops?
>We’re adding a new transaction type called “claims” to the public blockchain in Q2. This tx type is not in our roadmap, but there are several prospects that require this feature.

>What do you think is the biggest problem your project faces, that you still haven't got an answer for?
>Dealing with short term expectations versus long term decisions. Crypto stakeholders are incredibly closely involved and want to see results fast. This is a great thing as it pushes everything and everyone to move forward rapidly. However, it sometimes bites you in the ass. As some desicions just need more time and reflection.

>What’s to stop a company from simply copying the LTO system and making a centralized personal token with no fees?
>LTO Network enables decentralized collaboration in a trustless environment. This creates a level playing field for all participants and provides transparency for everyone involved.
> There are plenty of systems available for collaboration with centralized control. Copying LTO and turning it into a centralized application makes it lose most of its value.

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You have exactly 1 (One) Hour

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whos still accumulating? show yourselves

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the next rubic

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Coins u would never sell over your dead body

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sirs ?

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Easiest 10x ever

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Thoughts on LTO Network coin as a long term hold? Seems like very good potential

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should I just dump my doge gains into this ???

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tell me why I shouldnt buy 50k right now

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I am financially ruined.

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I am ruined.

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I looks like it's about to moon

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