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This could be an easy 10X but they are too unorganized, poor, and retarded to run DEX Screener ads. It’s $300. Do not waste your time with this absolute trash. The TG is fucking DEAD two hours after launch!

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>missed the bottom

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I should've bought more last week when it was cheap.

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just noticed I have a few grey beard hairs, is it over?

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I'm 33

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why do you twitter niggers keep inviting third worlders to shit up this board?

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I should have sold my uranium when I was up 40%. Do you guys think we'll see URNM hit $50 in the next couple of years? Also one more question. Do you guys really think commodities are the way to go? I'm 100% in commodities and don't trust the rest of the stock market but I basically missed all of the gains I could have had. Damn am I too stupid for stocks or what?

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women always act like work is a collaborative effort just do your job and stop talking about it. they love arbitrary rules and bureaucracy anything that gets them out of doing work. Years ago in school I was stuck in an all women group. I told them during our brake I would be in Japan. That the work I would do would have to be done before or after. I wasn't going to be available to have their gay little meetings. They kicked me out of group and I failed the class. At work we are all equal, until something is dirty or has to be lifted and moved. Pluggin in a tv or monitor must be done by a man. Trash needs to go out? Thats a man's job. God I hate women so much its unreal.

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>7k links
It’s over for me

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>but I want to restart my life.

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Actually, his eyes are unironically naturally blue: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremy_Meeks..

After the mugshot went viral, he now spends his time dating the daughters of billionaires.

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>but a whole dick in your ass
not my problem, do something, you wont

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>civil engineer (lol)

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>mfw I just released chainlink is just another pump and dump shitcoin
>I invested my life savings in this
>can’t even sell now that they are all staked

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Is 111 eth enough top make it weithin the Next 3-4 years?

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Why the FUCK we dump today?

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No presale ever gets shilled on /biz/, nobody wants others to make it, they only want to dump on them.
Don't pretend you're some kind of altruist, this is a scam.

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>I keep buying eth every fucking week
I guess I have Stockholm syndrome at this point.

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When people bring up the chart they post this fake chart where they're taking the chart from the old Spiral v1 coin and shooping it onto the new chart as if its a continuation of one coin despite v2 having different tokenomics, different number of tokens, different distribution.

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I‘m accumulating for the next 100 weeks. I‘m buying every single week. I‘m working 2 slave jobs and save 70% of my shot income by living like a complete frugal fuck. I‘m buying ETH (50%) BTC (35%) and some moonshot smallcaps (15%). My current networth is 120k but I’m also 27 already so my productive years are almost over. I will either be a millionaire within the next 3 years or I will accept failing quit living in a society completely. There is honestly no point in living when you‘re forced to slave, its soul killing.

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This is the weirdest crypto winter I’ve seen. I expected interest and media attention to die down, reaching a price bottom towards end of the year, maybe q1 2023. I just buy for the same fiat amount each month regardless of price so I’m not missing out either way, it’s just fucking odd to me. It really feels a recovery already, not a sucker rally/ bulltrap or whatever you want to call it. At this point I seriously wonder what will happen when the eth merge (which seems to generate a lot of positive momentum atm) is done and the next big bullish event is still more than a year away (btc halving) I mean it’s such a short time, I highly doubt we will see a 2018/19 style winter again and just creep upwards slowly. Any thoughts?

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>missed the bottom
Missed it just barely. 1 of 9 buy orders were hit and I refuse to buy in now. I‘ll wait but I will fell fucking bad in the meantime.

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I‘m 27 and right now is absolutely the lowest point in my life. I am very seriously contemplating suicide. Currently researching materials for an exit bag to actually fucking kill myself. Just six month ago I was feeling fantastic and was full of dreams and aspirations. I could have quit my job (at least for some years while I figure out what else to do) could have moved to a different country, could have done so many things. Now my money is fucking gone despite holding top 2 coins. This was my chance and it’s gone. It’s fucking gone.

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