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Quite literally the only one who is very transparent about the fact that they wanted to make the most out of the financial boom from the Metaverse industry growth but didn't necessarily believe in the idea of buying and making NFTs and useless games and jpegs and scamming people, so they found a way to reap that without scamming people by using the Metaverse as a part of their servcie toolkit

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If you think there's no legit coin then you're delusional - you should look at LoveLace.
They're actually being smart by knowing how to milk the Metaverse industry without actually making any NFTs or weird scam games but by using the Metaverse-as-a-service toolkit and helping more of them migrate and utilitise the benefits that metaverse and digital expansion could provide them with.

doesn't hurt to know that Meta is investing into them

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Unironically I think the best way is to focus into developmental coins. Coins which actually focus on the true growth, maybe like LACE with actual backers like Meta who fill foster growth, thereby increasing user value too.

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About 26% down in 1d it's honestly too fucking ridiculous because it's the only project of it's kind trying to use Metaverse-as-a-Service to help migrate and expand the scope of multiple projects through the metaverse, but also have a billion other usecase.

And for it to be valued at just this price is crazy stupid

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I bet my left testicle you're retarded as fuck because if you've entered the Metaverse and it isn't through LoveLace even after knowing that Meta is investing into it - then you're not just retarded but also an absolute faggot

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How about you look at LoveLace. It comes without the uncertainity of Metaverse peaking or not, or losing it's edge. It uses the metaverse as an additional value provision, over their main provision.

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I think everyone is still trying to work and wrap around what's the best way with NFTs and the Metaverse.

I don't think they've figured out how important it is to move around and sort of be able to figure that NFTs are no longer going to work. But they kept going back to Apes because they kept seeing how they were the only ones with value growth.

Instead of shit like that, why not invest in projects that actually work with and on projects that are invested into developing the metaverse. It would make so much more sense to do that - not just as an early player but also as someone who has to bring in the adoption for the others. LoveLace aims to do just that.

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Lol I knew NFTs are the most retarded way of being invested into the Metaverse.
And given that Metaverse is a huge market, I knew I had to look at other ways of being able to make it. Instead why not invest into Metaverse-as-a-Service based projects where the main focus is development of projects into Metaverse.

Metaverse + Development = win - win

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I doubt anything can be a 10000x, now that's just being plain greedy but give it some time and maybe you'd see that LoveLace is going to easily be the next 200x. Simply because it's ahead of it's time. It doesn't hurt that Meta is also investing in LoveLace as well.

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