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Incel bros.. its over

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We can never win bros

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Worthless bros.. it's over isn't it?

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Everything in life is hard, nothing comes easy. It's always a struggle and now we're tired. We're tired of this world. It's over bros.

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There are no back up plans

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Lost 95% of my stack leverage trading. Had almost 1m last year. It's unironically over for me.

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It's over

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Lost 80% of my stack this crash and need another bullrun to make it now. I've been here since 2015 btw. Almost 40 also

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>in 2022
>still haven't made it
it's over isn't it

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and then you wake up

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>consecutive red weeks
Every day bros. This faggot is making these threads every fucking day telling us how many red weeks in a row it's been.
I was here in 2017-2018 so I'm baffled by this. Nobody ever bitched like this then or kept track of the # of red weeks. Not sure if weird zoomers or glowies.

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The game is over, as I am fond of saying. The bankers won. They are in control of the Pikes Peak batholith and the multi-trillion-dollar granite tunnel system—a highly symbolic 40 miles west of Denver, Colorado in the Front Range. But they are in control of much more than the end-time survival apparatus. They control not only the military and government of the United States of America but through the power of major corporations and the corruptibility of businessmen and government officials, fiat currency manipulation by the WiΩards of Fiat Currency at the Federal Reserve System, a small army of propagandists and “hackers” (this is a technically incorrect use of the term) who are fighting to maintain control of the Frankenstein monster they created called the Internet (in a war I fear they are going to lose), and even the Republican form of government the created which inevitably—and I would argue by design—fosters centralized control and assures only a handful of “elected” officials must be compromised to control an entire country, they control the entire Western world.

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Anons, I have a problem. I have $375k in liquid cash/stablecoins. I was planning on using most of that for a downpayment on a house but I've realized that another year of wagecuckery will lead to me throwing myself off a bridge well before I pay off the 30 year loan.

What do I put my money into that will get me at least a 4x by the end of the year? I'm so tired.

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Is that why I feel numb?

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Please don't hurt me like this

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>tfw you might have to work at one of these stores soon
Please don't let it come to this oh fuck oh god no

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Bad because my art is bad and I see no improvement and I still struggle with all aspects of it. I want no lambos or sluts or anything, only reason I want money is to be able to practice all day everyday without financial concerns and get good, wageslaving is draining me.

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you become numb after a few months. I'm down by more money I've ever had in my life today and I feel nothing

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>doesn't shower in the morning
>no table, glass on floor
>eat all those garbage snacks during the day
>messy apt.
>loves the BBC
>sells chink shit online
>wastes money eating out
>shops online to cope with her miserable life
Peak eastern civilization, the west ain't that far ahead either.

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you would be rich in my country. Be grateful

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13.2c stablecoin

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I know but this fucking sucks, especially after btc and eth were stagnating I thought I could finally make some big gains. I was dreaming of making 6 figures off this and making it would've been in sight.

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>implying life is about having fun and being happy

The meaning of life is suffering, haven't you been paying attention?

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>waiting for my FTM stack to moon in order to buy more REEF be like

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