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>he’s so mad he quoted the same person twice

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imagine being this much of a brainlet kek
nobody tell him about FedNow

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Golem ZOGbot

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>Yet you don't trust the United States government being able to control its monetary policy?

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Shabbat goy?

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>j-just sell bros
>bro I’m just concerned for your financial well-being
>b-bros why aren’t you selling
If only you could see yourself as I see you

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OP we all know you're some fat retard who's stolen pictures off google or of a family member or whatever to pull this off. Actually kill yourself.

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fuck off nigger, nobody gives a fuck about your tranny discord honeypot

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>live like a shitty normy
>be shocked when your life sucks
I'll show you how to save money retard.

You can cut food costs in half. No fast food, no drinks with friends, no eating out. Rice, chicken breast, beans.

now you have 375.

you don't need a phone, that's 400.
your misc is bullshit. Spend $20 on a buzzer and cut your own hair for free for the next 10 years. Your "essentials" aren't essentials or they would already be listed. That's $600.

Congrats, you already are saving more than when I started out. Let's keep going.

Don't use a 401k. It's a scam for retards who can't handle their money. Take that $300 and invest it yourself.
That's $900.
>1200 for rent
Get roommates, or move somewhere cheaper. You're broke, you shouldn't spend more than 600 a month MAX in rent.
That's $1200. Do you stop now? NOPE.

You save that $1200 a month for 2 months, you sell your current car, and you get a piece of junk for 2k MAX. You'll save a ton on insurance, no payments.

You need dave ramsay, not grant cardone or whatever. Stop wasting money and start investing retard. Just because everyone else is a retarded consoomer doesn't mean you have to be.

>t. Made $600 a month in college and now worth 300k at 21. 0 debt

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Warn me? I sold gme long ago. Go to wsb if you want to see bagholders in denial.

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Afghanistan will be a powerhouse in the next 10 years.

Afghanistan is very important. It is the main gateway of "Silk Road 2.0", China's trillion-plus $ 'Belt and Road' project, to connect Central and South Asia and the Middle East. 71 countries are a part of this project (which also connects China to Europe and other places), with various kind of infra-structure and development plans.

They have trillions of dollars worth of coal, copper, gold, iron, cobalt and lithium. Lithium is especially important for smart cities and the '4th industrial revolution'.

The US pulling out of there makes it easier, but this is just coincidence :)

yep. "According to other reports the total mineral riches of Afghanistan may be worth over $3 trillion US dollars. "The previously unknown deposits — including huge veins of iron, copper, cobalt, gold, and critical industrial metals like lithium — are so big and include so many minerals that are essential to modern industry that Afghanistan could eventually be transformed into one of the most important mining centers in the world""

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>noooooo you have to be a CHAD! A REAL MAN gets raped in prison by niggers! A REAL ALPHA can't explain where his money comes from and has it confiscated by the IRS.
Grow up nerd.

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>>Immediately get hit by a crippling wave of depression knowing that if I do sell my GME for 10k and get hundreds of thousands of dollars that I just made more money from jerking off and shitposting than I ever would've from working a regular job
>he didn't already know this

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post hand

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cool it, antisemite

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