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Welcome fellow wagies. How are you holding up? I made more on crypto today than i do at a typical day at work. I'm not really used to it. Is this sustainable?

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Hey anon, Friday night and still on that trading website?

Trad markets closed long time ago, take a breather - what’s up and what’s got you down?

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>Feels like 2019 in here right now, eh anon? The calm before the storm... Oh, I've seen it all. Could barely keep stocked in 2017, but 2021 was a real doozy. We had anons hanging from the rafters. It's quiet, but starting to feel awfully cozy in here again.

>Anyhoo, enough of my yammering. What'll it be, anon?

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Stop trolling OP, youre just being annoying.

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how's the markets treating you today anon? what can i get for you? care to coinfess while i prepare your drinks?

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What is the biggest problem in your life at this moment? (Business & FInance related of course)

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Hey anon, grab a seat. Heard in the news that Bitcoin went up right after you were in here talking about it. What else you got going on?

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>plz help my pleb wagie ass
>currently a bartender
>used to idolize being one
>been one for a few years and while it has its perks I’m completely burnt out for a variety of reasons.

How would I go about getting a wfh job? I don’t have a bachelors and I’m debating on whether I should finish school (two years). What does my resume need to say to get foot in the door?

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Bar’s open lads. How’d it go today?
Order a drink and get it off your chest

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anyways /biz/, how you holding up? what drink can i get for you?

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The truth of the matter is, github and other software project management code base tools are still run by humans. Some stuff slips by even when you code in something functional as Haskell. Its okay Charlie can just go into the blockchain and manually delete it retroactively since Cardano is still 20% centralized

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have a seat anon, tell me about it. What can I get you to drink?

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I hear that. I've been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the right time, am afraid I missed my shot .

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Well lads I know it's not over yet but we all know it's very likely we lose 80 to 90% of our investment. What ya drinking. What are your loses so far and what are your plans with GME will you sell? Hold? Ante up when it drops to 10$ and dig in for a long term investment?

It's been a hell of a ride and I'm glad I bought a ticket

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0.001 waiting room


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Delete this thread now you goddamn idiot
Can’t you accumulate and be quite like the rest of us
Were you raped in all holes as a kid or something

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take a seat buddy, tell me about it. What can I get you to drink tonight?

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Didn't buy enough API3 in the sale.

>Only 1ETH

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I'm really sorry to hear about this. Pregnancy is no joke. When I was 26 I used to "joke" that if that ever happened to me I'd 100% kill myself. It's hard to imagine you being able to deal with that, while totally unprepared, with some dumb slut, at that age and development in life. But I'd encourage you to at least try to look at it this way - maybe that kid is exactly what you need to turn around. Maybe you don't know it yet but that kid will be the best thing that ever happened to you. I firmly believe that can be the case. Try to keep an open mind, even though I know right now you probably want to cave your head in. You've got this man.

Water coming up. I'll ask the owner if there's any jobs going mate

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Pull back to $2.80 seems like a reasonable entry.

Thoughts biztards?

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take a seat, tell me about it

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Fuck Jannies and mods. Seriously Fuck those cunts!

I posted pic related to ask the anons to chill out, they banned me 3 days, then another one posted a joint asking the same, they didn't. I am telling that one should be banned, but wanted to show how fuck up and stupid the mods are in this board.

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