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Truth. Based.

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Thank you for waiting anons. My gook was a flower. Anyway heading to the main topic of tonight, no NOT FUCK JANNIES FUCK FUCK FUCK. I have real news.

Ubisoft the fourth largest publicly traded game company in the US and Europe is making moves towards blockchain. Yes. Which project? I will just spill the cheese: Ultra. Ultra is a project providing solutions towards developers and gamers, making gamers able to sell their used games on the market, and helping developers earning their fair share. Right now Steam is taking a big 30% cut from the PROFITS of games. Also, Steam is taking big cuts fromcthe in-game items with their own shit market. Ultra solves this by giving the developer a share in every transaction.

Enough tech fundamentals for now. Why is Ultra so fucking attractive like a beautiful jade skin gook for us bizfags? Because it is a fucking gem. A low cap fucking gem, with low liquidity and only in Bitfinex/ethfinex.

So what is coming you fags are asking?

-Epic Games

-Binance DEX

>low liquidity and volume

Cool. MM is going to pump UOS harder than how Shaq would pamp a petite gook or chink. It’s very cheap for the MM to pump this right now, and Ultra will let it happen before they move towards the bigger exchanges.

Screencap this anons. Act fast and decisive, some of you will make good money, and some of you will keep whining about their shitty shitcoins.


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LINK partnered with Dell, Microsoft and Alibaba. You’re retarded if you don’t get it now

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