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in this thread, someone will tell me when the peg will restore today, how fast, by how much, etc

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good morning chads and welcome to the bancor breakfast club. take a seat, wojak will be here soon to take your order. we've all had quite an evening of revelry last night, and now we wait calmly to see what today will bring us.

while you're waiting, you can check out the two previous threads. they are very informative and have many kind anons spoonfeeding newfags. if your question is along the lines of "how do i buy this?" or "can someone explain staking or vortex to me?", peruse these threads first, you will get your answers.

we've been sitting at $5 for about 6 hours now. the climb from here to $10 might be a slow one, given previous ATHs around $8.

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