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Sorry goys no bull run yet just had a few shorts to liquidate

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If you support bitcoin now, then you support global terror. I have been in Bitcoin since /g/ mentioned it in 2010. I still have 10,000 bitcoin I'm selling today since it promotes terror. I suggest you do the same. Because fuck terrorism against all people. All you are doing when investing in bitcoin is enabling these stupid fucking 4chan neets to do shit like what happened in new zealand.

Over and out.

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>bojour mr soros, I trust the god wallet coins are on the exchange and ready to be sold.
>yes mr Bogdanoff
>great have the cme delist the futures contracts And activate Friday 15, make anon suffer!!

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Is coming on Wednesday are you ready for it?

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Come, become a bear for your Bogs
It's time, we must accumulate fellow /biz/raelis.
We're gonna crash the miney man market with no survivors


Weather we win or not is not in question
the only question is
if you'll be along for the ride

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We are not stoping.

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