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>tries to kill himself

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>tfw tech company dev

Let's just say it is.

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>page 10

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>1x leverage

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>we’re opening back up
>we’re getting inflation
oh no no no...

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>being so poor you're not both

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>pic very related

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Good. Normies and the overleveraged idiots get shaken out, and then we feast

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Really made me feel better. Thanks anon.

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>financial discussions on boards other than /biz/
it makes me seethe even more than seeing normies discuss it. jesus christ

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forgot to add that I'm also coping by laughing at Reddit for losing their life savings, while everyone on /biz/ either made gains or small losses

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Hold those bags, subhuman.

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What has been your progression on this general and investing in general?
>start in march, buy bottom with sp500 index funds
>dont go all in because i was waiting for “dow sub 18000” again
>watch it rise, still dont buy because “its going to dump again, just wait”
>gamble on meme penny stocks with /ptg/
>make 3 figure gains over the course of 3 months
>get absolutely fucking bogged on one PnD
>in a fit of rage deposit every last penny to my name into my index funds
>try some more random plays all with a massive -% at the bottom of my portfolio with random bags
>discover options
>make $800 off one tesla call intraday, think its free money
>immediately lose $1300 on a tsla call the next day
>completely bog myself with weekly qqq puts during the september crash (shorting the daily bottom)
>finally start buying actual good /smg/ memes
>discover covered calls, spacs
>buy bluechips, pltr, net, wkhs
>now consistently make good returns
back in the green at long last unrealized, but still need to make $5000 more in realized gains to fully wash away my mistakes. what has your journey been like?

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More like you made .70. Enjoy getting taxed to pay for Pakistani gender programs.

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>shills his company nonstop for free but only during market hours
>bites someones head off and refuses to give their perspective when idea is challenged
You must have a really fragile ego or be unironically autistic. Either way you are hilarious, what a loser

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Did someone not give this guy the secret DD? Sad!

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>red day
>gme fud in this general goes through the roof
same as it ever was, same as it ever was

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>google, amazon, FB, and aapl are all likely to never see their September 1 highs ever again
fucking perma bears NEVER win. how fucking retarded are you?

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My HTZ meme call is down 50%. Sad! At least its for 2021, but id really prefer to use that money for short term swings, its my last $90 i can use to meme my roth ira back to $1600. lel!

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>this one fucking shill

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>keeping your entire income in monopoly money printer currency

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>huge layoffs at the company today
>all the SJWs get canned
>they give me a raise instead

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