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BTC or Silver?

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LITERALLY made for _____

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Bank of America.

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>mfw I missed a good Link dip again

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Why didn't you buy BNB anon? I even warned you just two weeks ago. You could've increased your stack by 20% risk free, and I'm not talking box spreads.


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He's the least gay president since "long cock" Johnson.

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0/10 troll

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I find it funny that on a board nominally dedicated to decentralized currency platforms there are so many people who's ideology requires a centrally controlled government operating a centrally controlled currency to steal from the productive members of society.
>We'll just make a commiecoin
Nobody capable of commerce wants to deal with commies, you are all insufferable faggots that think your own weakness is somehow justification for organized theft.

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>Pretending violence isn't endemic to the basketball-american community specifically

Sometimes I wonder at how naive Europeans are, like that meme floating around about high schoolers living in 100% white neighborhoods going on about how great diversity is.
>Those racist Americans, we will show them how to elevate third world when we bring them to our country
>Rape and crime epidemics in every brown hovel across
>Orwellian racemixing propaganda from Central governments
>"This is America's fault somehow"
>"Not all Muslims!"
Check yourself before you wreck yourself

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>Being so retarded you think letting people keep their own money is a government "expense"

I'm all for rescinding government enforcement of student loan debt, allowing colleges to assume that loan risk, and allowing student to default on their retard debt, so they can start fresh while simultaneously ass-fucking the University system for peddling garbage to children for the last 25 years.

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Gonna need a source, or this is just multicolor bullshit.

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>The only way to destroy the state is to destroy its foundations: state enforced property rights, uneven international development, money, ect.

God damn, you are either 18 or the best example of the dunning-kruger effect I have ever seen. There is only one foundational principle of state: "sactioned" violence in the enforcement of rules. No function of state occurs without violence or threat of violence. Taxes, mandatory education, drug laws, none of it would happen if there weren't State agents with guns able to ruin your life if you don't comply. Those rules could be as arbitrary as "no money" and "no property rights", those rules only come into effect if there is State violence to enforce it. "Don't steal my shit" doesn't need the state because every human on Earth will defend their personal property to the degree it's worth that defense.

Property rights, as such, have existed since the first humanoid in pre history built something for themselves and defended it for their personal use. The reason you can use violence to justly defend yourself against rape is because another person is trespassing you personal property right to your body (and it's outputs). No state is necessary to justify that defense, it is inherently moral.

Money likewise existed pre-state, as many tribal systems were know to use mediums of exchange other than straight barter (such as shell money)

A final thought: Marx was a massive hypocritical faggot, a son of the elite, who impregnated and abandond one of his working class maids, who never worked a real job, whoes only accomplishment was a degenerate derivative of greater economic works by greater men, the results of which have been the deaths of over 100,000,000 mostly working class and peasent class people the world over. Only pathetic, weak, sociopathic people who cant figure out how to compete against their better fellow humans follow this garbage.

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ok, who is she

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Is it a bad idea to become close friends with coworkers? Anyone got any stories of doing so?

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