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I just went all in on lunc... again

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One hour ago, when I randomly listened to the OST of some vidya I played as kid. It suddenly pulled me back to this long forgotten time of careless joy and wonder. And the sudden, stark contrast to this grown up world of cynicism and hypocrisy that I now inhabit broke something inside of me. What has become of this child of times gone by? When did he stop dreaming his dreams? I don't recall waking up.

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My portfolio is at $418K and yet I feel nothing. I know this is a mania and that it'll collapse, probably soonish. I know that I should take some profits now. But I'm unable to sell even one penny. Because the pain of missing out on another 10X would be infinitely higher than a 10X drop.

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I don't understand. God lord thanks I didn't buy on open.

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Holy shit checked.
I guess play time is over, we to 100K.

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I am fully resigned to the fact that even if Brave were to take over the world, destroy both Google and Facebook, and Brendan were to become the supreme, benelovent God Emperor of Earth and all its outer space colonies, BAT would still be crabbing sideways at $0.2.

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