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>Those auras were first described by pic related dude
I know I'm not the first to experience this
>it's the same colleague who was there the first moment I experienced the electric horns growing from my temples

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>hint: onions green is people
s0yl3nt green is people
P.S. fuck (((4channel))) mods

>I don't know man the Demeter picture on AriJuels site it all points out to Cybele worship fucking spiral worshippers
don't get me wrong, I don't idolize or worship the guy

>I don't think Ari is one of the bad guys but he is working for them without knowing, unconscious satanism what Rene Guénon called it
got some detail on Rene Geunon's writing on the topic? sounds interesting

in my opinion, if you read the relationship Ambrose has with his father in the story, it's clear that he shares the same worldview as us
namely that we are at the mercy of barbaric people and that those who seek the truth will always be on the run from the masses and those in power who control them
His nods to us, and soft disclosures, are a tacit acknowledgement of him having sympathies with the link marines which is a promising sign

>I'm just going by what you're saying. That he's on the side of "light".
Jesus spoke about the eye being single and the whole body being full of light
it's why I talk about the nature of physical light and time and how I feel "buzzing" when entering a kind of mindstate that I can only best describe as congruency with God

If you recall from my other threads, I also mention the fact that electromagnetic horns were growing out of my temples during a time of duress similar to Moses
>inb4 it was a mistranslation of the Hebrew Bible

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>would the anons reading this believe me when I say that magnetic horns were sprouting from my temples during a time of extreme duress

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>those who know do not speak know and those who speak do not know
continue speaking in facetious tongue
with every post you make, your true intentions become more apparent

of course you're free to contribute to the thread
but that would involve being genuine, something which no doubt is difficult for you

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>42 laps around the desert later
>slaves became a people

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