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>Thinks the concept of money itself has morality

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Scheduled - Hedera will be upgrading Mainnet to v0.12.0 (release notes: https://hedera.io/release-notes) on Friday, March 12th 2021 at 18:00 UTC. We will also add two additional nodes, Standard Bank node 16 (0.0.19) and eftpos node 17 (0.0.20) bringing the total node count to 18/18.

Looks like the addition of the EDF node won't be until the next mainnet update

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If you're seeking quick gains, look elsewhere. Hedera is not the coin for you.

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Bullish cases for HBAR:




You're welcome.

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It's more centralised and thought-out than your """""""""""decentralised""""""""""" shitcoins made by a group of unknown developers or in some cases personality cults. Fuck off, retard.

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a few use cases compiled by some autist

addresses most of the FUD regarding centralisation, coin release & staking

Leemon explains asynchronous byzantine fault tolerance for retards & BTFO blockchain in the process.

Charles seething, extremely bullish

cba to spoonfeed more

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Sorry ma'am you have me confused for some pervert i was clearly staring at your tits whore.

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How many times do you people need to be told that Hashgraph has already locked up the role of the next gen smart contract network?
It’s already written in stone. The only thing remaining is for corpos to shift their systems over to it

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Someone FUD this shit I'm getting way too hard

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Slow and steady wins the race. You didn't sell, did you, anon?

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God you're a moron.

>Coinbase listing
They recently released their Rosetta API
>ETH Bridge in development
Literally in their 2021 roadmap
>PayPal joining their governing council
Now this is the only one that's speculative, but for a good reason. The judge for their hackathon that was just finished leads Blockchain Strategy at PayPal and has a background in CBDCs lol

Shit's literally hanging in your face. Now go buy some HBAR retard.

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Imagine coping this hard because you got priced out

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You’ll bend the knee before long

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Boohoo stay poor faggot

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Already said it wasnt a major announcement. But you cant understate HBAR holding the mic the longest at a GOOGLE conference. Eyes will be watching, if not many autist like us, definitely buisinesses

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Aaaaaaaaaand, who WOULD HAVE THOUGHT, it is steadily rising again!

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We’re building this community one Pepe at a time boys

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This is littlerally the biggest brain play on biz rn and your still so fucking fucking early.

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Memes you say?

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HBAR holders will inherit the earth

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Nope. Sold my airdrop for $8,432 and added to my HBAR stack

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Poopadot will never catch on. It’ll be a ghost chain like Tezos by the end of next year

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