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Diamond hands is so fucking cringe.

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I’m free twice over at $108 I’d be just fine with that.

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OG top 100 wallet LINK holder here. You fuckers ready for the biggest fucking announcement Chainlink has ever had? The next week is gonna be so fucking great. Proud of you marines. For those who have no clue, try rolling trips and maybe I or some other OG will reveal how and when exactly will everything change.

Godspeed marines.

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Sergeant reporting for duty.

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Tbh Major General does sound better than second lieutenant.

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Personally I think that smartcontracts will have real use cases such as derivatives and insurance contracts and DeFi. You have to understand that the reason DeFi got even started is because a year ago Chainlink launched mainnet. Then during the year they have been adding different data feeds which secures loans and so on for platforms like Aave. This is just 1 year of Chainlink and we got DeFi out of it. Sometimes I also think though that maybe smartcontracts are not viable and that it's really just a fad and can't scale etc. Then I look at the guys working on those problems. Sergey, Ari Juels, Ed Felten...these guys are a lot smarter than me. These guys have gone over everything and if they think it's possible, then I can't really bet against that. I got a nice bag of 19k LINKs. I'm not gonna sell them because it "seems" as if smartcontracts aren't gonna go mainstream. I'm not gonna fud myself because of some vague feeling. If you however know all the technical aspects and legal aspects on why smartcontracts can't go mainstream and you have tried on debating with the great minds in this space then sure, sell your bags or start shorting it or whatever.

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I can't believe I missed the Linkpool ICO even though I was browsing biz like 5 hours a day at least during that time, reading all the Chainlink related threads. I think I fell for the fud of having more LINKs is better than buying LP with your LINKs since I already had a small LINK stack. Was just a dumb highschooler back then as well. Now I try to do more of my own research, but it is quite exhausting. Nice stack you have btw.

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Second Lieutenant reporting in

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I can tell you my story anon although I haven't made it yet. I was 17yo in 2017, made my first real monies illegally(not drug related, something else even more serious that the banks defo dont like), got caught, but thankfully for some reason they didn't take my $4k. 2017 November bought IOTA with $1.3k, by January 2018 I went to ATH $45k very briefly with all kinds of shitcoins, then everything crashed and I was between $5k -$15k during January and May. Discovered biz 2018 January, slowly got linkpilled, went all in LINK in about 2018 June/July. Got myself a 22k stack, at that time it was worth about $3k-$4k(now I have 20k LINKs due to helping out family) which is roughly $160k.

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Memes aside , please give me some hopium. Does anyone how any positive explanation out of this scandal?

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in 2017 me and my HS class mate put some money into crypto. We had money from a scam we did, but I made a bit more from it. Like I had $4k and he had about $2.5k I think. Anyway I told him I bought IOTA worth $1k at $0.4, he held Bitcoin, but then bought in at $0.7 about $500 worth once he saw how it started going up. Then at like $4 I started cashing out and moving to XRB and some other shitcoins, but he kept holding IOTA. Anyway by March 2018 I think he had sold his IOTA at a loss or maybe at a little profit. I had $8k worth of crypto or so. Most was LINK. Told him to check out Chainlink, that it's something else really. He knew about /biz/ as well, but he only browsed to see what shitcoins were shilled and later stopped I think. I got into /pol/ then /fit/, but mostly /biz/. Anyway he wasn't able to like grow his money or he wasn't focused idk. He got a gf at that time as well so I guess that was one of the main reasons. Anyway over some months he asked what I was holding, I told him LINK. Last time he asked me, LINK was at $2 in 2019 October. I don't think he has much money left. I think he spent most of it on his gf and other stuff and has like $700 left. It's kind of weird to think since we started at almost the same level, we shared everything of our plans, but now I have $86k in LINK and he has probably less than $2k cash. The money making scam schemes were nice though. Making money with a friend is one of the best feelings ever. All my other friends weren't as money driven as we were, but once he got his gf I think that drive started slowly fading. Still, good times.

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When I first joined biz in January 2018, I was so confused by all these weird stories how Sergey went backpacking in Thailand and how him and Rory's dad had a feud or something because Sergey ate all the food in the fridge. Then the Jason Parser guy I was like who the fuck is he? Took me like a week to find out that Chainlink isn't just some meme shitcoin.

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I could be a landlord, but instead I'm a second lieutenant in the link marines.

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Yeah I know about the whole supply drying up tokenomics part, but I'm still skeptical about everything being in position. I remember Sergey saying derivative and insurance contracts before eoy and that he has repeatedly mentioned how they work with many different banks, insurance companies etc, but I really feel like it will be more gradual and it will take time before companies are going to come rushing in.

Of course I have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. Maybe you're right. I definetely hope so lol, but either way I'm ready to hold.

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Based OP thanks for the hopium.

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Pretty new for newfags, but I doubt 99% of them have any will to research or to even listen to Sergey's 40 minute talks while paying attention to every word he says.

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This. I have been browsing biz for almost every single fucking day for more than a year. I've seen every major Chainlink thread during that time. Chainlink is just fucking insane. Especially the memetics aspect.

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there will be thousands of forks, won't there?
thousands of oracle networks, all with their own on-chain aggregating & reputation contracts
a smart contract creator will just request data from multiple on-chain contracts, won't he?
the only refute I can think of for this is the fact they will need the native token for each network, which seems impractical
I'm trying to poke holes in this thing and find a way where people don't need to use the public mainnet, which makes us rich, but I can't
will SWIFT really use this thing? and the token ?
surely they have found a way to use it without making a bunch of nazi neets rich, right?

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Absolute Savagery

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What rank are you?

+ Officer Ranks
- General of ChainLink: General Sergey Nazarov
- General: 500001+ LINK
- Lieutenant General: 250001-500000 LINK
- Major General: 175001-250000 LINK
- Brigadier General: 125001-175000 LINK
- Colonel: 75001-125000 LINK
- Lieutenant Colonel: 50001-75000 LINK
- Major: 35001-50000 LINK
- Captain: 25001-35000 LINK
- First Lieutenant: 20001-25000 LINK
- Second Lieutenant: 15001-20000 LINK

+ Non-Commissioned Officer Ranks
- Sergeant Major: 10001-15000 LINK
- Master Sergeant: 9001-10000 LINK
- Sergeant First Class: 7501-9000 LINK
- Staff Sergeant: 5001-7500 LINK
- Sergeant: 3501-5000 LINK
- Corporal: 1501-3500 LINK

+ Enlisted Ranks
- Specialist: 501-1500 LINK
- Private: 1-500 LINK

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