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Dude your entire existence revolves around creating Craig Wright FUD. Just look at this ridiculous numbered list of talking points like you are making a thesis on the latest drama happening. What the fuck is wrong with you?The amount of time you have to spend studying their lives and every single thing they say or tweet to create this massive amount of bullshit is insane. Its 24/7/365 you are on Craig's nuts.

Did you investigate his toilet seat as well?

Get a fucking life Greg LOL I've never seen a more pathetic loser than you.

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They are paid by intelligence agencies to lie and obfuscate 24/7 to subvert anything that threatens their political or financial power structures. It's literally their full time job to come up with creative lies and disinfo, that is why the narratives and lies are so ridiculous and persistent.

They will never concede an argument, they will never admit to being wrong, they will never veer off their given narrative. Their assignment is to shape reality and create echochambers to reinforce the views commanded by their masters.

Then they project EXACTLY the thing that THEY are doing on their opponents. Probably around 80-90% of the anti-BSV posts on Biz is literally from 1 person, Greg Maxwell, sitting in his office with 200 IPs, looking for any and all threads to flood with disinfo tactics, like having conversations with himself, and a barrage of samefagging to give the illusion of consensus.

They are minions of Satan.

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look at greg's level of obsession. hes truly a mentally ill person lmfao

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It was found out that he has a bunch of sock puppet accounts used to fud craig and bsv. Contrarian is one of them (pic related). This is unironically what he spends most of his day doing. Fudding craig on red*it and than using his sock puppet accounts to comment to make the impression that everyone think craig is a fraud. He is unironically sick in his head

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Greg?! Im shocked!!!

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What r u talking bout? They're not scared

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Craig derangement syndrome

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greg and adam, kings of social media

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"There were nodes before miners."


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Nice fucking try Greg

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Dude if only you knew. His entire life purpose is dedicated to stop Craig Wright and BSV. It's literally all he thinks about from the moment he wakes until the moment he goes to sleep. He has like 100 sockpuppet accounts that he uses to steer and control the narrative on social media by creating artificial conversations with himself.

He has been caught out many times literally having involved conversations with himself on reddit between different socks. It's astroturfing taken to the next level. I wouldn't be surprised if 80-90% of the anti-BSV/CSW comments made on this site is from Greg Maxwell/O1G/contrarian himself.

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You mean all the Greg maxwell fabricated evidence? yeah I don't give a shit about kike tricks.

Craig is Satoshi, the evidence is incontrovertible at this point. Only low IQ retards or literal paid blockstream shills deny it at this point.

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Accurate. Contrarian, aka Greg Maxwell's sockpuppet account is literally paid to create and spread lies about Craig. The entire BCH camp has been worshipping him since the hashwar back in november, without realizing that he's really a Blockstream founder LOL

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Go back to plebbddit soi npc

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b-but reddit says CSW is bad andj BSV will go to 0!

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Only redditors unironically care this much about Craig Wright pic related

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You are nothing but a low iq normie NPC with little ability to think for yourself and you have been psyopped

Don’t like it??? Stiff fucking bikies you Onions

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