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Poojeets btfo

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Sodomites get the rope.

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Why are you so mad, sir? Please calm down

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>ETH 2.0

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>everyone called me a retard
>clearly this is a conspiracy against me

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I bought oil stocks at $30 and I'm still up 15% averaged across them all.

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Scams pump the hardest

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Just a friendly reminder that 2017 was the apex of crypto, and literally will never happen again for another 4 years MINIMUM. There won't be another big bubble to 100k as a lot of retards here think, bitcoin will bounce around in the same, narrow zone for many years to come. It will squeeze out as many people as possible, until it becomes a thing of the past. Only then, will it shoot up.

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That's cute, but you will never see your money again.

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>being this insecure

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I imagine you guys as snide Wallstreet-types sitting in your penthouse apartments in a tailored suit, shitposting pink wojacks and braps.

How accurate is this image?

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Which site has the lowest deposit limit ? I might just drop in a few bucks to see whats all this buzz about.

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>paying for your education

wew lad!

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