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i was honestly a bit worried it'd keep going up, but i kept with my gut feeling that the run was over, and it went up a bit further than that, then pulled back and i felt comfy in knowing i wasn't one of the retards who kept hodling

now i see that the devs moved ANOTHER 700k (over 2.1m LINK total now) headed to binance?

LOL they ALL dump in the end, ALWAYS

all jokes aside though, what's the next 10x coin/token now that LINK is a dead meme with devs cashing out

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no FUD, no hype here, just want you smarter people to clear this up for me and make me feel at ease with my LINK stack, as well as others i'm sure wondering the same thing

>(A total of 817,890,388.74 tokens held by the top 100 accounts from the total supply of 1,000,000,000.00 token)

anyone know what the worst possible case scenario of this is? i know sergey holds 350m himself for node operators and future projects, but what about the other 300m out of circulation?

if they can't achieve their long term goals, could they/would they just dump this all on us? is this even legal?

smart anons report in and help us pls

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