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>entire family are loser alcoholics
>already struggle with food addiction, know I will become an alcoholic if I start to drink
>all normans and girls ever want to do is drink
I want to die.

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I don't feel free right now.

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I'm glad you're okay fren, I was wondering about you. Try to stay away from alcohol this time of year fren, I know you're real smart and stuff I'm just warning whoever I can here. They are just waiting for anyone to slip up.

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>implying you need money to get laid at 20 y-o when you have access to 16-22 y-o horny girls that just want to ride the dick carroussel

Money only becomes important to girls when you're 30+

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>Uses rsi to trade

Fuck off pajeet

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Stop being retarded.
Buy LINK. As much as you can.

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So why did you decide to click on my thread then?
Gotcha!!! Welcome to tard jail!!!

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It just sucks man. I feel like I'm living in a god damn prison.
Just texted the boss, said works happening on tuesday. Hooefully I can just change focus like you said kind of easily.

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>everything is about money in life, only money measure success
npc low lvl kike with no ambition confirmed

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Interactions happen regularly, it's not groundbreaking. Of course you prefer docile quips and smothering tactics to cleanup actual revealing discussion but who am I to judge

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>tfw bought my first link in february 2018, have never sold, and have less than 10k

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Dropped out but did a 2yr degree. I lost all motivation and just didnt take a test. Dont even care anymore. Had like a 3.1 gpa but I give 0 fucks. Needed 12 more classes. Oh well.

How financially fucked am I?
I see some decent gov jobs asking for just some associates degree of any kind and they pay good... but the catch is they are government jobs i.e hard to get.

I have 0 debt at least... I make a little over 14 an hr right now. I live in southern cali. Really only want like 40k. Shit even costco cashiers make like 25ish an hr as a cap...

So... red pill me on how fucked I am without a bachelors...

I regret not just doing some easy liberal arts one like history.. even a shit bachelors is better than no bachelors.

Ik people woth good jobs and they majored in easy crap.

I also know someone who dropped at doing 3 years of electrical or mechanical engineering and they are fucked...

Funny.. a shit bachelors is worth more than an 3/4ths an engineering one..

So, just tell me the truth.

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>every night i wake up in the middle of my sleep to check tradingview on my phone

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>itt people not understanding compound interest is exponential

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People were actually telling mw to fomo at 2.7 yesterday lmao fucking tards

On another note, btc wont be dumping anymore back to 7700, huh? Looks like it might just pump from here.

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>mfw bought at $12

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I lost a shit load of beans on this utter shitcoin

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>are we mooning
>was $4.50 like 2 months ago

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So 29 000 in only 5 months? Yeah this will surely happen, I have absolutely no doubts it will happen

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Jobs I can do if I'm retarded and easily fatigued?

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I need more commodities and a chance to sucker some poor kid from his earnings...
A million and one "crypto" and literally most of /biz is shitting themselves over how much it translates to fiat.

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I've been holding since January 2018 and I even have over 55,000 USD in LINK. Why have I become so careless recently? Jesus Christ. I will go read now, thank you

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