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>>making your own content is oversaturated everyone is making stupid videos and blogging about the same bullshit
That assumes, and rightfully so, that people will just mimic successful content. 90% do which is a fool's errand - in the same way the only means to make big wins in securities markets is to bet against the market consensus which is priced in, you have to make content that bucks trends, for which there is little to no competition (niches).
>>>entrepreneurs sell you ebooks about how to be an entrepreneur
Tempted to do this myself. And pretend to be one of those travel blogger types.

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I was wondering if having a video go viral where you're mocked is a good strategy to build exposure, and then leverage that to get people to follow your videos and eventually offering a two stream product launch
1. Online educational videos that basically repackage basic financial
2. Some kind of 'investment plan' where people hand over their money for you to invest. Like real estate.

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