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Based data analyst.

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A bot that trades instantly on news released on twitter or telegram

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i miss my pajeet infested crypto board

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Whatever wage husband wants, doesn’t matter to me. I don’t pay the bills

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I posted a thread here a few weeks ago. I had just moved out of my family home where my parents where stealing my money and I basically left with nothing but a job and a place to crash. I asked /biz/ what I can do being absolutely poor. Got advice to put whatever pocket change into Bitcoin, which I did. And I made 300 dollars on this run since I stopped eating dinner to save some cash. I took a little out to buy a rescue dog and it’s the best thing I have in my life right now.

What good advice have you gotten from /biz/? What good things has it brought you?

What should I do now? Wait for a dip to invest more dinner money?

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Post measurements

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300 per day? You fuckin animal. You must have the bones of 1M staked, son

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