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Fuckin kek

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>in his mind he ACTUALLY THINKS he's getting "2.2oz of silver" aka 68.42 grams of silver -- in reality land, he's getting 12.5 grams

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>he thinks BTC pumped because of ETFs and that ETFs are what enables BTC to pump and BTC has never pumped prior to the existence of ETFs

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>i'm seething so i'm just gonna make up totally random lies from thin air, because i ignored the warnings at 70k-73k and hope anons believe my post
cope and seethe moar faggot

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Imagine being SO NEW you "can't remember" stuff from even fucking 2021.

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moar like Screen Shit

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>OP text: Undoubtably this thread will make newfags and plebbitors super angry
>>57976708 appears
>is angry, obvious newfag/plebbitor
>Hours later (naturally he stayed despite the thread angering him - typical plebbit behavior, they get hypnotized by things which anger them and are unable to help themselves), he makes an attempt to defend himself after getting utterly BTFO'd, an attempt in which he makes a fool out of himself
>and then:
>reveals himself to be an ETF/institutions plebbitor, as was obvious from his very first post
P o t t e r y .

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NEWFAG detected. Check where the price is in that pic. The pic is from long before you even got into crypto.

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>he got (((((((((tricked into buying gold and silver instead of Bitcoin)))))))))

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Dude this thread is cracking me up more than almost any other biz thread
Thank you for this

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There are plebbitors who bought between 60k and 69k and have HODL'd with "le diamond hands" all this time (some from as long ago as the April 2021 top) and haven't even bought anything new, just HODL'd -- and then BTC hits 59k and crashes to 10k and lower. MAXIMUM pain and toppest of keks.

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>plebbiting this hard
>gets called out, immediately resorts to muh halving cope
kek like clockwork
>uses muh ETF cope
>uses muh institutions cope
like absolute clockwork

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>biggus dickus

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>The bears have no idea how the institutional investment business works

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I will biologically never be able to understand normoids the way a man can never get pregnant. Why would this 15 second ad of literally nothing but some old guy saying "You know what's interesting these days? Bitcoin." actually make anyone want to invest in Bitcoin? It explains absolutely nothing. This ad is going to convince someone to invest in crypto, and I know they're my exit liquidity. I just can't understand being that person.

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why did you buy a solana memecoin at a 2 billion dollar market cap anon? who fucking knows but thanks for providing exit liquidity to the early buyers

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Audibly kekd

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That fucking filename. You forgot to change it. Holy shit.

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>>56718352 <--- a reply just 78 sec after thread made
>>56718386 <--- that 78 sec reply is pointed out, and is called a "JIDF reply"
>>56718399 <--- the pro-silver shill, the author of the 78 sec reply, effectively saying he's JIDF and using AI chat bots to defend silver
what the actual fuck

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