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the redditnigger copium is still going on

that one faggot lost like a mill already

"muh diamond hands, HOLD"

these people are beyond retarded

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You clearly don't know the company like I do. Plus I bought the dip before I even knew that they were going to make a ceo change. I knew they were going to have to make the change but idk when that was going to happen and it happened pretty quick which was good for me.

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AMD is poop though. You don't see top end overclocking or high end research being done on computers using AMD, they are using INTC. Buy INTC. :)

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Such a cute bear :) Yeah now's y'all's chance to buy INTC while they're undervalued.

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Trump targeting them. It'll recover under Biden, so don't worry too much

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Based Trump offering cheapies before the rapture.
Do you really want to buy anything right now?

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Hopefully you didn't put too much money into TSLA. Good luck getting your money back anon

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A lot of semiconductor design companies have been stagnant lately, just have patience. This is why I like holding ASML instead :^)
How close are you to owning the solar system?

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Do you trust any other Chinese stocks? So far I only have BIDU and BILI. I'm thinking about adding PDD or WB

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>Yeah and I bought bank stocks when they were out of favor too last year and getting shat on hard
They actually were bad investments last year xd
>defense companies are both too big to fail and part of the same system.
AIG was too big to fail and got bailed out. Has that helped it regain its ATH share price? Lel no
>You have to understand all this social media tech stocks / EV stocks it's not the core objective of the state, which is to retain reserve currency status.
I'm not saying these are the permanent, indefinite places to put money into. LMT for example might very well be relevant again one day, I admit that. But in 2021? No, I don't see a single (reasonable) catalyst for buying defense stocks. I'm permanently long on China and semiconductors, nothing else.
>They gonna pump a lot of money into space and satellite projects to counter the Chinese.
That's likely more bullish for SpaceX than any mainstream defense company.
>bag holding SPYCEY RYCEY and not a legitimate scam like BQ

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AMRS if you want to gamble. It's working for me so far
>Is there a place where you guys talk about stocks?
Are posts like these bullish or bearish?

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Yes, that's the one. AMRS is primarily focused on cosmetic suppliers, so that might be a limiting factor in the future.

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>Shep smith calling it she dead
DOW hitting 31K if true
There's better agricultural commodity stocks. NTR will probably keep riding the commodity wave though

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>democrats win there’s initial dump
Probably not even a significant dump, it'll just be money shifting into green energy ETF's.
>pumps because of unlimited stimulus
Yep, 2021 will be a better year if we get a D senate.

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>extremely bullish short term
They aren't going to touch tax rates, not with this economy.
Just hold TSM and AMD.
>they're going to raise taxes in the midst of a pandemic + recovery
Extremely doubtful
>Why do you think we dipped today?
I zoomed out.
>You're going to tell me that Dems winning both seats would be bullish in the short-term after we had the DOW down more than 700 points at one point today due to increased expectations of Dem double victory
Screencap my post if you want, as I don't really believe institutional investors are that worried.

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>they view me in the exact same way, but at least I don't post it here haha
>6 posts by this ID
>it's nothing but complaints about anime and a blatant spam post >>25362569
>complains about spam
BILI, JD and BIDU. Maybe even TCEHY if the U.S. government stops targeting them.

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>baggie is a fellow 2007 newfag
You've been here for 13 years and your posts have probably only declined in quality. I have some respect for you now lel

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