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Absolutely anywhere warm and tropical.. I want to be in a nice resort next to a beach. The kind with a nice spa where you walk in and hear soothing running waters, and it has a hot tub, massages, an ice cold dip pool, and saunas. I just want to relax after all this more than anything. Get out of my homestate for just a couple weeks is all I want to reset.

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bought in at 14c.
Only thing i'm selling is rewards.
100% staked.
comfy af.

Pretty cool seeing all the memes and copy pastas i made in the beginning getting recirculated by so many new anons.
It's like my children are carrying on my legacy.
This is the first GRT pic i made.
I made it because i was comfy.
I'm even comfier now.
Stay comfy, frens.

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Holy fook. Insiders buying. Some subgraphs must be coming to mainnet soon. Those query fees are gonna be juicy.

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Institutional investors are going to go so balls fucking deep once they hear of "The Google of Blockchain."
Then you have All the biggest defi projects who will be competing to get GRT to cover query fees to continue powering their dapps.

Supply will not be able to keep up with demand.
So fucking comfy.
I missed out on chainlink under $1, but i didn't miss this one. And i am eternally Grateful and comfy.
We're all about to be stinky filthy fucking rich.
All we have to do is wait.

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Sounds bretty gud.

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No. Keep FUDing so I can accumulate. And when it's clear this is the new ETH and you're priced out I'll sell a few GRT to you.

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Once all 3400 subgraphs are transferred over to mainnet the payouts are going to be insane!
They're already nice as they are even without them.
So comfy.

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Seems it's taken from your wallet and locked in until you decide you want to remove it. The 28 days doesn't start until you decide to undelegate at which time the tokens are held until they go back to your wallet at the end. Any rewards end up on the total delegate stack so it compounds.
If anyone call tell me how to see what my rewards are I'd appreciate it.

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Feels nice earning 60 graphies a day from staking desu

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Hungarian here, you better have a great fucking resume and fluent language skills, otherwise you're fucked.
Also this

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There are people on this board that actually believed the GRT FUD. They didn't load their bags at 25c. Let's all laugh at them. HAHAHAHA you thought it was a pajeet scam HAHAHA

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Comfy. One day graph will trade for $1000 and I'll think back on how I bought it for $0.33

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Max comfy staking GRT. This will literally be my new salary after I quit my job. Other subgraphs coming soon = more query fees to delegators. Have fun staying poor.

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The two biggest takeaways i got from that are
1. They are communicating with ALL of the layer 1 blockchains, trying to integrate the graph with them.

2. They have over 6000 devs building subgraphs.

It really doesn't get any comfier.
bullish af.

This really is a blue chip, top 5, crypto.

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Here's everything you need to know about staking GRT, fren.
Enjoy your tendies.


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Everything you need to know.
Enjoy your comfy staking, fren.


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Hmm there sure is a lot of volume for the token. How do whales accumulate without moving price?

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Staking GRT is so comfy.

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over 13k wallet addresses in just 2 weeks.
only 1 subgraph.
3400+ subgraphs being transferred over to mainnet.
Already making fat neet tendie stacks from staking.

so early.
comfy af.

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i have 250k GRT being staked.
I get paid 200 GRT a day.
Pretty fucking comfy frens.

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thanks for the heads up, fren.
Just sold all my stinkies for some GRT.
comfy af now.

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Hey XRP cucks, buy my GRT bags.

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