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>Icypee baggot still in denial that nobody cares about his VC AWS chain

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>He doesn't know

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Alright, shitbirds. I haven't been in the crypto scene since 2021 after insane $Shib bullrun. I have tons of disposable income to dump into these coins. What are some of the shitcoins to look out for?

Rajeets DNI

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make your peace with it
they will piss away everything and die debtmaxxed while complaining how lazy you are for no grandkids
i can't decide if boomers are the ultimate financial Chad or what but goddamn did they fuck

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Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!

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feels about numbers are a sign you are taking more risk than advisable
it leads to bad decision making too
but putting taxable events in a nontaxable account is very smart
once you scale back in your IRA and i suggest you do from your previous posts, look at higher risk but hold forever type of investments in your brokerage if you want to remain relatively untaxed and still maintain an aggressive posture without being a complete degen in your IRA

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>black-owned businesses were economically sustainable

they were unironically only sustainable due to segregation, no matter if it was law or merely implicit. the various "black wall streets" got crushed the second darkies could shop anywhere because the other places were better and everyone knew it lel

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We did it /r/biz!

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You know why

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lotta digits this fine day

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i'm getting married this year.
>26y. old both
>highschool love
>living together for 4 years(8 years in relationship).
>both lost virginity to each other.

What's wrong in getting married at 20'?

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dont buy gold at ATH, thats jewish

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baggies will write a doctoral thesis on how quantum tunneling will save their shitty towel store rather than admit they got fomo'd into a shitty investment

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>tfw +1% ydt

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Jannie deleted my thread yesterday that was talking about the endless gold fud threads that we are seeing but wont delete the shit post fud threads

Really makes you think

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> i dont see any money in it

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The jews struck back for him killing Bankman

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all jobs suck anon
just get hired next time so you can get the severance package a couple months in

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the entire point of prolonged bear markets is to trick midwits into forgetting why they were looking to invest in the first place. then the catalyst event hits and they get left behind instantaneously. some of the more retarded bobos were actually celebrating the initial news of the bank failures, like they completely forgot that's one of the most fundamentally bullish events for bitcoin. so many complacent midwits are getting priced out of existence right now

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