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I have an idea and I would like to license it since I don't have the capability to produce it, market it, and sell it.
How do I license it without the guy who I show it to just starting to make it themselves without paying me a dime?

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>we have a name for that

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>her family
>isn’t also your family

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Do you guys think it's better to hold savings in BTC and transact in XMR, or do you think Monero will appreciate more than Bitcoin in the coming years?

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>US government using shitcoin shilling tactics to convince people usd isn't an inflationary shitcoin
What happens when the pajeets in the whitehouse can't keep the telegram under control anymore?

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So GS’s prospectus says they have the right to withdraw their shares from the DTCC if in their (GameStop) opinion they (DTCC) are doing a suckass job of share custodian. Am I rarted or were these 8M shares issued to bait exactly this kind of thing into happening?

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But how am I supposed to do it if you don’t tell me what it is I’m supposed to be doing tomorrow?

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When a reverse stock split occurs, what happens to any additional shares you might have that can't be evenly divided? Say for instance you've got a weird number of shares, like 1,007 and a 1:10 reverse split happens. What happens to those 7 extra shares? Do they just get liquidated?

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>a year is 384 days long
What did they mean by this?
Bureaucracy tends to move pretty slow, especially when any wrong step is functionally equivalent to a self-destruct button. Nobody has the motivation to make things right when there’s so much money on the line, so they won’t until absolutely forced to

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>I can now view webm’s
How do I profit off this?

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Who gets the money?

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What's the best token?

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Why are people in finance worried about inflation right now? Doesn't that mean owners of assets will make lots of money?

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>march 17th
>april 17th
>may 17th
Don't tell me... it's actually June 17th

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Does this mean that we will get more EDD checks and stimulus checks?

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What if we just all agreed to stop selling crypto? Then the price would go up 1000x and we can just slowly unload on normies. We could all make it that way

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Why does the value of currency correlate with how developed a country is?
I know there are some exception, but in general why do African/middle eastern countries have such cheap currencies?

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Are any of you guys actually pumping this or are you just holding and looking at the price?

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What does cryptomining really mean and why is it called mining? Is it just writing code or do you actually use pickaxes like in minecraft?

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What's the long term play for march?

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Think they would have to change this if we all made billions of micro trades and sent in filings that are millions of pages long?

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Frens, I have learned about the Sunday dump, but what tends to be the lowest point? When do the various whales of the world wake up in 4chan time?

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are masons the good guys or the baddies? they have a greyish aura but there's something more underlying there...

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>Larger, "parent" institutions, if you will, (what Citadel is to Melvin Capital)
Are you sure this is right? What is the actual relationship between these two firms?

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