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I have faith in the baoman and I have faith in this project. What we are trying to achieve is soooo hugeeeee and it’s a game changer for the entire finance industry. We are taking over. I did bet on matic when it was a penny and knew matic will be a great crypto player. I’m even more confident in BAO . I don’t have a single doubt that it’s gonna prevail. We gonna make it happen. This isn’t about money. This isn’t about getting rich. This is about I was part of this. Me and my Pepe friends changed the finance industry forever. It’s not just Wall Street get rich scheme anymore. It’s not Wall Street manipulated anymore bcs they just can’t . Everything is open source for everyone to see now

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Henlo plebits. I know that u think that we the crypto biz are retarded. But we are not. Just to help u out a little bit. Don’t get too excited about ur 10 T dropping from 1.57 bcs that shit is about to go up. 10 Y .T is gonna reach 3 to 4% . And I’m not even joking . Screen cap this

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Ok fags hear me out. Rising 10 year bonds is bad for equities bcs it makes short term borrowing expensive, therefore corps will be refinancing at a higher rate pushing some of them to bankruptcy. It’s also bad for speculative investments. You are welcome frens

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Im the anon who shilled matic at $.03 right before it took off . U are welcome frens Look at the archive . Are you BAO bags loaded frens?

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I have always said matic will get to $5 when it was a penny. People thought I was crazyy. Been called a moon boy , a newbie , all kind of names. And I have said for years. Matic will be a top 10 . Matic will hit $5. And I have the screenshots to prove it

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I shilled it when it was $.03 biz didn’t listen. This shit is going to $5 I’m not even joking

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Just imagine all these big projects bending backwards seeking a partnership with a couple months old project. That tells u everything u need to know. I have only saw huge potential in 3 projects my entire crypto span. Xtz which I bought it at a dollar and matic which I bought at a penny and never sold a single one and now bao.

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4 digits is a lot of money
There is Nothing wrong with being poor and working for a living
You are a brainlet retarded normie fag
7 figures crypto
7 figures stonks portfolio
7 figures real estate portfolio
0.25 btc and I can prove it

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It’s literally one of the best gems u can jump on. Not listed on coinbase yet even though coinbase ventures is an investor in the project. After rebrand they have integrated every L2 tech. Great team , very transparent.

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So much love for my pajeet and chinks frens . We all gonna make it coalition

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This is it. Just imagine paying $.001 for a transaction vs ridiculous uniswap fees. Quickswap is built in top of matic. If u think matic is centralized you are just wrong. just look how many validators matic have. Btw infosys a $40 Billion is a matic validator

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I did shill it but my thread got ignored and archived

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Anons I’m gonna give u 4 advices:
1- HODL your Bao. Don’t try to short it or swing trade it.
2- trust the baoman and his Vision.
3-when u see the lurking larpard fuding the project just tell him to FUCK off.
4- when the dummy newbies pop up here and I give them 4 weeks to be all over this board. Tell them to go read the fucking : docs.bao.finance and tell them not to go to discord with their stupid price discussions

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You are larping and I can prove it. Even if u did farm bao from the beginning ur stack will be locked and it will be released gradually over 3 years u would only have 5% available to dump even if u wanted to. I’m telling u right now u got the wrong community . If u dump or pump we just don’t care we really don’t

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DYOR on Dao maker (dao) www.Daomaker.com
$67 MC

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HODL big things coming

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U will still be liable for federal income tax even if ur state doesn’t charge state income tax

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It’s a shit show project. Been around since late 2017. Supposedly the project aims to accept crypto via this sale machine in south Asia. Then they introduced another coin for other features rendering npxs worthless.

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Free Ross

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Tezos will be the most adopted crypto for hedge funds and publicly traded companies. Why? Very simple: they don’t have to deal with the fork drama. They can inject any proposal without a fork just imagine how powerful that is. They already have billions of STO and billions in the pipe line waiting. Tezos will reach $100 by the end of this bull market . Screenshoot this

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I have never sold a single bao and I’m not selling a single bao for 1 year

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This shit is going to $87,000 screenshot this

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I got rug pulled by the shiba scam. Lost $400 it’s my fault I went in knowing that it’s a scam and I’m about to get rug pulled but I’m an idiot what can I say. Where can I file an insurance claim to be compensated anons?

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