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We fucked up didn’t we lads

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The yacht party... it's beautiful

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>tfw always think I want to die
>see this picture
>want to be a late bloomer
>realize I just want to get out of the miserable existence I'm stuck in

I thought I wanted to die but now I see I just want to live life.

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Similar situation but 24
I hope we make it buddy, I fucking hope we do.

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pls tell what will pump, i need my money back

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i dont want to lose more money, tell me what is going to pump now i beg u

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Who else is pissed that saying goodbye for his last time, he put out of focus the camera?

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>be me
>back to 2006 going to highschool
>best friend father was a broker
>every time I went to his house his father was in his room, looking at charts and smoking cigarettes
>his father died at 45 years, lung cancer
>be me
>day trading shitcoing
>spend 3/4 of the day looking at charts, meme lining, looking for opportunities and 1/4 on /biz/ for the lulz and looking for opportunities here too
>in the dark
>barely speeching to anyone or going out

I'm in green, not going to regret it, but still...

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What to buy? please no prepumped coins thanks.

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this is how i imagine the people who didn't get in

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Monero better fucking crash so that I can buy in the dip

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Not a boomer REEEEEEEEE

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I didn't hear about crypto while I was in college. Nobody tried to shill it to me. I was two months into a full time job when I first invested after I did a lot of research first.

Fuck off all you early adopters.

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ref link for those who want to donate to this poorfag

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I'm about to bite the bullet but I don't want to go too hard too fast, I have two big losers so I'm only going to be selling one of them, and hodl the other for a bit longer and see how things go.

The two losers I have are lomocoin and mona, which one should I sell and which to hodl? I'm down about -40% on both so I want to pick the one with the highest chance to break even for me to hodl. Help me out here /biz/

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>tfw someone got cheap ETH at $16

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Will I finally get some profit this month?

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