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this is absolutely ridiculous it's laughable that someone would consider this an
honey badger erc is the only token worth a damn it's about to moonshot in a matter of weeks you're a dumb fag for believing otherwise you're going to miss the greatest bull run in history get in early or get left behind you foot loving scrub

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i can't wait to steal money for my honey badger bros it's gonna be sick

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bro i can eat a 50 piece mcnugget and that's just my light snack before my pre-dinner burger you are clearly overweight and don't know what a small amount of mcdicks is because it's hard to see your penis through the rolls of fat you pack on you're also probably broke and poor because you probably didn't buy into $hoba tokens that's why you're working a minimum wage job and eating your dinner from mcshitdonalds

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i disagree with this retarded sentiment for a plethora of reasons for starters i am a genius and the richest man in the entire world the people of 4chan are simply too dumb to realize that the only viable path to true wealth lies in honey badger erc tokens (ticker $hoba) which i have personally made a fortune by hoarding as i would with money if the world ever comes to its senses and starts to invest in honey badger erc then everyone i know will be rich and i will be richer suck my dick

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>you know it really grinds my nuts when a bear says i'm dumb especially when in reality my testicles are about the size of melons and i have the iq of the worlds largest genius they probably just see my giant horse cock and assume i am stupid but in fact i am as smart as a bear has ever been and i could easily beat in this little idiot in a brain game any day

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i have a gargantuan penis if you consider 6 million for a shack in la affordable then you must have a micropenis on account of your poverty imagine being dirt poor and calling $6 million for a crack den a good deal

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that is so homophobic and transphobic and i am offended that this user has the gall to write something like that i know that the user was being sarcastic but still that is so hurtful to the lgbtq community and the trans people that might read that i am shocked and outraged that somebody would say something like this on a public forum

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lol so what you are saying is link has been pumping because of costco's food court this is actually a genius take if i've ever heard one you see the french fry grease they use on their food is actually comprised of a proprietary mixture of essential oils that have been known to make peoples pants tight that's right costco french fries will make you wetter than your mom when i visit her

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yeah you're right its funny how people are so stupid they don't really even care about kids they just want to virtue signal they pretend to care about kids but then they let children have access to the internet with all this newfangled technology maybe if they really cared they would stop kids from using devices so they can't see any bad content you're totally right its so freaking ironic

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listen up limp dick vaporc0iners when the bull market starts we're heading for the moon and you'll have your weak limp d0ng$ shoved so far up your asses it'll come out the tops of your soft heads cause you have no idea what's really going on qnt and $hoba are the only bags worth holding i'm talking about my bags cause i got in early unlike all of you idiots thinking you can make a quick buck on coins that already 1000x'd

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hey look pal i don't play by your rules i am a honey badger i don't give a f**k i do what i want when i want and this is only because i have a gigantic honey badger peen so your pathetic requests mean nothing to me but if you must know my average buy is way lower than yours and i am up more than you can imagine also if you continue to annoy me i will give your wife a creampie and make you eat it out of her

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wtf 4chan is so lame with all their rules and crap all my homies hate 4chan 4chan is only good for porn because they got all the best hentai i love hentai bro and i know you do too bro let's not beat around the bush and i'll just tell you that i have a massive cock and always get bitches i bet you would like some bitches too

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what a perfect opportunity to invest in some top rate crypto such as doge and shiba those coins totally haven't had their pump and dump phase already pass i can really see a clear path for the only smart decision and it is to put 100% of your portfolio into $shib because you will literally never lose and you will definitely 10000x within 8 months guaranteed there is literally no way this doesn't work and i would definitely recommend selling everything you possibly can to put as much money as you can into this incredibly secure investment

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op is a complete fool for having so much cash left over how is he going to lose it all it's like he doesn't even know how to gamble to be honest i am going to bet that he doesn't even have a massive cock unlike me who has a 20' penis made of pure honey badger flesh

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