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>That along with lightning network looking better and better

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Everything seems to be in a slum and I keep my head in economic numbers and very real uncertainties. It's draining me and affecting my performance in other areas of my life. So, how do I learn to become more positive.


Fuck jannies and niggers

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>yfw newfags in 2025 will be reading this thread laughing at our memes

Hey you fucking newfags!!!

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>cheap flooring
>rent-a-furniture couches and chairs
>hand me down throw pillows
>dvds/blu rays messily stacked up
>hand me down coffee table
>cheap door leading to half bath directly off living room
>sub $1k in liquor
>solo cups
>monopoly money

great op, you have no taste and bad spending habits. not to mention bragging about this mess on a dying mongolian fish cleaning forum

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