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coinbase hacked when chainlink is at $20
you lose 1,000 chainlink tokens
by the time the insurance company gets around to settling with you, they will pay you out at 1,000*$20=$20,000
meanwhile, the settlement takes 2 years to pay you out and wade through the paperwork
in that time chainlink grows to $1,000 per token
GG no RE

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>>I haven't touch my wallet in years! Can someone really randomly gain access and steal my LINK?
>Sadly, yes. This affects PUBLIC addresses, and these are most likely being chosen at random.
These 2 sentences are hilariously bad.

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>but the truth is they got lucky
mfw the beta simps are calling link chads (((lucky)))

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>"cntrl + f"
what kind of "qwerty" keyboard are you using?

>When LINK breaks $10?
when brian armstrong is charged with insider trading
if it isn't clear already they will do anything to stop chainlink's ascension
ironically, this will guarantee our success

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>You linkies are PATHETIC
it's scared

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>they're going to mind their table manners*** now that the adults are in the room:

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>Sure, Ari and some chinks wrote a paper
no respect for your betters
such a disgrace
you're jealous that they're smarter and more successful than you

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>Just because gavs a retard pedo

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Rent free

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>how you kept quoting an obvious hyperbole
Lol you’re a bitch boy and everyone in your life knows it

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that protest was so stupid looking thanks to the tiki torches. Bunch of fucking beta cucks can't google how to make a real torch.

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They’re always mad because their minds are mad

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>Little faggot does not know about 3,6,9
Do you ev>>19657975
>Kill yourself you fucking retard. You do not deserve the true knowledge of 216 or 3,6 and 9 because
>you luck Understanding & Wisdom
Stfu ESL pajeet bitch
Who’s paying you to shit up this board?

You tell me to leave the thread yet you talk about me nonstop.
>speak my name, and I appear, right here.

For anyone who wants a real rundown on Tesla, I did one in December:

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>Sergey was likely conscripted to pressure [them] in to dispersing more wealth and initiating the transfer.
They’re definitely feeling the pressure.
The adults are in the room and the children will mind their table manners.

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t. Uncleoldfag and/or Schiffy-boy
Didn’t you get btfo in yesterday’s thread?
That was a good Friday.

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Giving you mongrels mobile and internet was a mistake

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