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Which is the best crypto to invest in now?

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no one can even give me a reason for being bullish.

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>What's the worst they can do? Crash the price to a dollar?
Well yes, but we already have ETH transactions cheaper and faster than VISA, so good luck.

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You seem to be speaking in good faith fren. So I'll bite.
This is the largest prisoner's dilemma we've ever seen. When the hedgies are faced with forced buying, the only thing that determines the "peak" is the extent of our greed. It only helps us to be greedier. The scenario of a 100k peak like you say is only possible if a critical mass of us tap out before meme numbers. Do you not have faith in your frens?

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why is nobody building a wrapper for amazon. i want to buy things with crypto

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>le crypto millionaire is frogposting in 2022 on an Alaskan flyfishing forum

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Sorry fren it will be there forever.

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Stockbros.... I need someone to set the record straight.... are trannies mentally ill freak pedos?

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This. I'm not shredded but I watch a fair bit of fitness videos on YouTube and I've seen several of them say this. One of them was whether or not your average gymcel should buy protein powder.
The answer was
>it's not gonna hurt you but it won't make a noticeable difference other than the smell of your farts

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It's because if they don't strictly adhere to ESG protocol, they can not use the Aladdin analytics software and they are essentially shooting themselves in the foot.
Aladdin is the system that basically powers all companies at this point. It is so widely used that Blackrock even allow their 'competitors' to use it, such as the Vanguard group.

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It says here that "OP is a tranny faggot Jew"

Is that right?
Back to the Gas chamber you go, back back!

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Half eaten McBurgers! Data suggests hobos will take em out of the trash and sell em to other hobos for pennies on the dollar. An infinity percent return as its free to dig em out of the trash

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The market literally just priced in a recession.

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For starters, why didn't you sell at 65k?

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Is that wealth concentrated in any certain way? For example, are there any disparities between the wealth of certain populations/demographics?

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Capitalists do all of these amazing things for us(planning the structure of production, advancing profit to the workers from the future to the present) and only take an average 5% fee off the top.

Why do leftists care about a 5% fee when the government rapes you far more than that.
Can any commie here explain this to me?

Leftists seem to think the capitalists have a GORRILLIAN DOLLARS all locked away and are forcing wagies to slave away when they could be not working instead. It makes no fucking sense.

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Sell now so you can buy it back when it hits 10k. It's free money.

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Have you found a viable project yet, or still looking? I have some extra capital I could throw into something and let sit for a couple years.

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thinkin time fren

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if all the liberals are leaving california, shouldn't we all move there?

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3 and a half years sounds like a lot of time for this
I'm inclined to believe you're omitting details

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past hour search... faggot

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You think?

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