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This has to be some real DeFi, you don't need a liquidity pool this big unless you are going legitimately mainstream. Holy fuck I think /biz/ might actually have caught something worthwhile right here

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How to chose a node for staking?

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so I’ve seen all the posts about L2 and how it’s like a highway to get onto and rubic will remove the gas fees etc etc. what I don’t understand is this: why does use of rubic as an exchange raise the price of the coin? because more people need to buy the coin to do transactions, raising demand? wouldnt this make transactions more expensive over time? as demand for the coin increases, the supply (computing/mining power) needs to be incentivized more, so the coin value increases? this is the only answer I have, but then the question is “how can rubic simultaneously incentivize mining will also keeping gas low?” Is my understanding correct?

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>Proof swedish people are smarter than us
or just proof vegetable scraps are cheaper than hot dog scraps

Bug Dog will be 50c

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I finally am starting to get the hang of swing-trading and made $150 today with my $7000 poorfolio.

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Pronostics for the massive unstake on Thursday : dip or moon?

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They won't give you warning as a heads up for you to blaze everyone with lead. Its a heads up that some sort of 'official' meeting with you is documented so if they need to in the future, they have a clearly defined remedy to say 'they tried' and documented it. Don't fuck up again, but I'd definitely be putting my resume out there with other companies ASAP

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According to the data I am... well, in technical terms... financially ruined.

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100% of Nigerians are Niggers. The highest proportion possible.

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>t. Big brain anon
The correct answer is that there isn't enough information to answer the question because the diagram is not labeled and we don't know what we're looking at

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Won't the coinbase listing bump the fucker up?

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for XLM

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>it went straight into the pockets of billionaires who will promptly send it all to Africa and Switzerland

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Those crypto miner cheapies. Picked up a few thousand hvbtf. You are buying on a red day anon?

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Most of these responses are either bots or shills. Timestamps are all 8-14 minutes apart and don’t respond to anyone and say nonsense. Someone is trying to keep sent alive on biz

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The only Rubic related coordinated dump that's happening is the gigantic shit I'm gonna push out in 10 minutes from now

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Please halp. I invested $100 into a shitcoin that mooned to $700 worth. Paid something like $20 in gas fees iirc. I then transferred $100 worth of Ether to my Coinbase wallet to cover gas fees so I could swap the shitcoin I owned for a different shitcoin I thought would moon. Paid $69 in gas fees for that transaction on Uniswap. My question is, what happens if the $700 of the new shitcoin turns into $70,000 for example, how am I supposed to convert it back to Ethereum to transfer to Coinbase to cash out and pay taxes if the gas fees will be like $7,000 and I only have $1,000 in my bank account?

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I'm not selling anything at a loss, it'll all get back up there eventually - stick to your long term plan and keep putting money in at lower prices. (unless you've bought memes you can't truly believe in, in which case GET OUT SELL SELLSELLL)

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I'd dump STA, RLC, maybe LTO too since it should take a while till its next pump.
Personally I also dumped AAVE after the rAAVE/GRO clusterfuck.. it probably will recover but I'm glad I decided to watch from the sidelines.
Never heard about PROS/SAKE/GHST
Just 10% LINK is some shameful shit
0% BTC in >$100K folios is unwise imo

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Holding ARK, when do we sell?

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Extend that roof out so that it covers the whole staircase and walkway and make the deck big enough to accomodate a table and chairs for outdoor dining and we have a deal.

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Its just you samefag. Show your short position fudding hogescammer pussy. Once again, your mother would leave your father to suck my white cock for two minutes. Leave bitch

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I'm not well versed in american politics but Biden is against oil drilling on US soil, right? That means GTE operations in South America should become more valuable.

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